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When purchasing a car insurance policy, it appears perfectly legitimate that you could be charged a greater amount if you were involved in a crash recently where the blame lay with you, or you resided in an area where car theft was the norm. However, how insurers price risk in the UK is so intellectual […]

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Car insurance premiums may reduce in 2018!!

There is not an iota of doubt that car insurance premiums have seen a huge high in 2017 but there can be a sigh of relief in 2018 if the UK government reverses the Ogden rate calculation, which proved to be the major reason for increase in motor insurance costs. In a nutshell, the Ogden […]

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Five car insurance mistakes that lead to heavy premiums!

Whilst you do everything to buy cheap car insurance, there are several other mistakes that would still cost you heavy premiums. It is observed that UK motorists are making silly mistakes that push their car insurance cost to astronomical heights. Some of the common mistakes are modifying the car, record of accidents, speeding and road […]

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Third party or comprehensive car insurance - which one to choose

We all know that car insurance cost is often unnerving and the continuous rise in motor insurance premiums makes it all the more difficult for drivers. In fact, increasing premiums and inflating motor insurance cost is one of the biggest reasons why people do not want to buy car insurance. They are always looking for […]

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As per motor insurance experts, young drivers could end up in big trouble if they choose fronting, which is an illegal practice of naming an experienced driver as the primary driver in their car insurance policy. They would end up facing a fine of £7,000, which is a sum total of legal fine of £5,000 […]

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Car insurance cost is directly proportional to UK job titles - Check how!

Who doesn’t want cheap car insurance that protects the vehicle against financial damages and yet not disturb our household budget. There are various methods to save on car insurance cost UK including shopping around but an interesting way to reduce car insurance premiums is to change your job title. You can actually save around 25% […]

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