Switching Your Home Electricity And Gas Supplier

November 25th, 2019

Why should I switch my gas and electricity supplier (energy supplier)?

Switching your gas and electricity supplier will allow you to bring your bills down and consequently save you lots of money .Depending on the usage and type of meter, you could save on average of £300 on a dual fuel energy switch. What’s more, some suppliers offer cash-backs, one month free energy (electricity and gas) supply and even Nectar or Tesco Clubcard points. To add, by switching to an online energy tariff you can manage your account online and submit your meter readings online too. At FreePricecompare.com you can compare all energy suppliers and save money on your energy bills with our FREE and impartial service.

How much money can I save on my energy bills?

Well, this depends on how much energy you use, what renewal prices you are being offered by your current supplier or your current energy prices and terms of contract. You can start comparing your energy bills on FreePriceCompare.com by providing your post code and your current tariff information. Our comparison table will then show you how much money you can save by switching your gas and electricity tariffs.

Typical our customers can save up to £300 per annum. But, consumers who use lots of energy and have night storage heaters can save much more by switching their energy tariffs.

To find out how much you can save by switching your energy supplier, enter your postcode in the comparison tool and hit the compare now button. The tool will then show you the estimated savings.

Can I get a better energy deal elsewhere?

NO. All UK energy suppliers must publish their energy tariffs and they can’t change on their published rates as they are simply not allowed by regulators.

At FreePricecomare.com, we compare all the published rates within the entire energy market and always show you the cheapest energy deals to maximise your savings.

What details do I need to switch my Energy plan and what else do I need to know?

Ideally you need to have your home postcode, energy bill and your estimated energy usage. You should also work out the answers to the following questions:

  • How long are you viewing to fix your contract?
  • Are you looking for a dual fuel energy supply?
  • Are you considering paying by Direct Debit/ Cash and Cheque?
  • Are you hoping to pay on a Monthly/ Quarterly bases?

Simply start comparing your energy plan by entering your postcode and choosing the options that are related to you.

Comparing your energy tariff should only take between 2 to 4 minute as our comparison service is both fast and very easy to use.

Once you are happy with one of the energy tariffs, you can apply for it by:

  • Filling in your full home address,
  • Entering your email address for online management,
  • Choosing the preferred billing type – Online or paper billing,
  • Providing your bank details for Direct debit / Cash / Cheque instructions,

Your new supplier will then call you to verify all the details and to inform you of the transfer date. Please note switching an energy supplier can take up to 4 weeks.

Can I change my supplier at any time?

YES any time you like. As a home energy user you can change your electricity and gas supplier at any time, although in some instances there may be a small exit fee (such as £5-£50), so it’s ideal that you check your current energy contract or contact your energy supplier.

Will I lose power during the energy switch?

NO. All suppliers use the same electricity wires and gas pipes that connect your property to the main gas and electricity grids. Nothing will change apart from your supplier and your bills.

Do I need to contact my existing suppler after I switch to a new energy supplier?

NO. Your new energy supplier will get in touch with your existing supplier to arrange an energy switch for you.

When can I stop paying my current supplier or cancel my Direct Debit instructions?

You should not stop paying your current supplier nor cancel your Direct Debit instructions until your energy switch transfer has been confirmed by the new supplier. Normally this takes up to 4 weeks.

What is a dual fuel energy contract?

When you sign-up for your gas and electricity from one supplier, than that is known as a dual fuel energy contract. Dual fuel energy tariffs are one of the cheaper energy tariffs for your gas and electricity.

Benefits of dual fuel tariffs

  • Dual fuel discount,
  • Online account management,
  • Convenience,
  • Lower bills,
  • Easy to contact – no need to ring different suppliers,
  • Further discounts if paid via Direct debit ,
  • Less paper work.

Can my existing supplier stop my energy switch?

Yes, but only if you have an outstanding debt with your current supplier. Once all payments have been cleared, your switch will progress flawlessly.

Who reads my meter when I switch to a new energy supplier?

Normally your new supplier will arrange for someone to physically come and read the home meter. If you have signed up for an online energy tariff, than they may ask you to read the meter on their behalf.

I have a prepayment meter can I switch my energy supplier?

Yes you can switch to a better energy tariff. Although not all UK energy suppliers provide tariffs for prepayment meters. You can compare all prepayment tariffs by using our energy price comparison tool and make the energy switch to the supplier you prefer.

Customer service – How important is it?

Customer service is very important but it also depends on your requirements. Some suppliers have an online only support team whilst others may have a 24/7 call support team. It may be the case that the supplier which provides the best service and all the options you are looking for is NOT offering the cheapest energy deal. You can get further details and supplier complaint records on the Consumer Focus website.

I don’t know who is my current energy supplier?

You can find out your current energy supplier by looking at you energy bills. If you don’t have the energy bills, than you can contact the National Grid for gas and the Electricity distributor for electricity related queries.

Gas – National Grid Helpline – 0870 608 1524

Electricity distributor (see below table)

AreaDistributor CompanyTelephone No
North ScotlandScottish & Southern Energy0800 048 3515
South ScotlandScottish Power Energy Networks0141 614 0145
North East EnglandNorthern Powergrid0845 0702703
North WestElectricity North West Ltd0800 048 1820
YorkshireNorthern Powergrid0845 0702703
East MidlandsWestern Power Distribution0845 724 0240
West MidlandsWestern Power Distribution0845 724 0240
Eastern EnglandUK Power Networks0845 601 4516
South WalesWestern Power Distribution0845 724 0240
Southern EnglandScottish & Southern Energy0800 048 3516
LondonUK Power Networks0845 601 4516
South East EnglandUK Power Networks0845 601 4516
South West EnglandWestern Power Distribution0845 724 0240
North Wales, Merseyside
and Cheshire
Scottish Power Energy Networks0845 270 0783

Can I cancel my energy switch?

Yes, all domestic customers have 7 to 14 days (depends on the supplier) “cooling off” period from the day they have arranged the switch of their energy supply.

I have special needs and requirements – Can I switch my energy supplier?

All UK energy suppliers have an obligation to the chronically ill, elderly and disabled customers. UK energy suppliers must also facilitate the partially sighted, blind, deaf and impaired customers.

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