Switching Times – The shorter the better

November 26th, 2019

Energy bills eat up a big chunk of our monthly budget. To save ourselves from such expenses that inflate our budget, we need to take certain concrete measures. Talking about energy, the best way to cut down on energy bills is to switch the supplier and choose another who offers low cost energy and efficient service.

A couple of years ago, an energy switch used to take at least two months. The process was quite long, tedious and tiring but now the scenario has changed. With the intervention of the UK government and energy regulator Ofgem, the time required for the switching process has reduced significantly. Switching to a better supplier has just become a matter of a couple of days. However, the exact time varies with the suppliers.

How to gauge that it’s the time to switch?

First of all, you should be aware about the main reason to switch. It cannot be just the big energy bill as overuse of energy would give you the same bills even after switching the energy supplier. Therefore, it becomes important that you have an in-depth knowledge of your energy bill. Agreed that reading the energy bill is a cumbersome task and one can get confused by the jargons and different kinds of numbers on the bill. However, you need to inculcate certain sort of discipline to understand your energy bill. Then only you can reflect on the exact reason to switch.

Your bill gives all details about your energy contract with the current supplier. It mentions everything about your current tariff, plan name, kind of deal, the contract period and when it is safe for you to end the contract. Also, there is a mention of the exit fees, if any. This way, your energy bill is a pool of information which needs to be understood to make a safe exit and switch to another supplier.

Some of the energy contractors bind you for a fixed period of time and if you want to leave them earlier than the term end then you need to pay the cancellation fee. Cancellation fee can be an amount more than the savings you make on switching and hence the switch becomes futile.

So, it’s very important to know the exact cancellation fee and make a switch only if still saves you some money. Again, if you are in debt with your current supplier then the best way to resolve things is to discuss the options with them or you can consult Citizens Advice.

Now, let’s have a look at the switching times taken by various UK energy suppliers. This is the latest data recorded in August 2016.

Switching Times:

Energy Supplier Switching Time
Affect Energy17 days
Avro Energy3 – 4 weeks
Better Energy3 weeks
Brilliant Energy21 days
Bristol Energy3 weeks
British Gas2 and half weeks
Bulb21 days
Co-operative Energy21 days
Daligas3 weeks
Economy Energy3 weeks
EDF Energy3 weeks
Engie3 weeks
Enstroga3 weeks
Entice21 days
EON2 weeks
ESB Energy3 weeks
extraenergy5 weeks
first:utility3 weeks
Flow Energy3 weeks
Future Energy3 weeks
Gen4U21 days
Gnergy17 days
Go Effortless17 days
Good Energy3 weeks
Green Energy UK17 days
Green Network Energy3 weeks
Green Star Energy3 weeks
Iresa5 weeks
iSupplyEnergy3 weeks
M&S Energy3 weeks
npower3 weeks
Octopus Energy2 weeks
One Select19 days
Our Power17 days
Ovo Energy17 days
Places for People Energy21 days
Powershop17 days
Pure Planet17 days
Robin Hood Energy3 weeks
Sainsbury’s Energy2 and half weeks
ScottishPower3 weeks
So Energy3 weeks
Solarplicity (old LoCO2)3 weeks
Spark Energy3 weeks
SSE3 weeks
Together Energy28 days
Tonik21 days
Toto Energy3 weeks
Utilita5 weeks
Utility Warehouse3 weeks
Zebra Power2-3 weeks

The above table gives you the exact number of days required for the switch process. This will help you make a quick decision about switching and also supports in choosing the right supplier at the right time. You can compare suppliers through all parameters including the tariff, probable savings and the possible time taken for the switch.

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