Surprised by inflating household bills? – Find common mistakes to avoid below

October 10th, 2019

Steadily rising household bills are a cause of concern for Britons as well as the UK government. Energy price rises are already the talk of the town but beyond that also there are factors that need to be considered to get cheaper household bills. Today, let us glance through some of the common mistakes that we make that pump up our monthly budget and household bills.

According to Full Fact, UK’s independent fact checking charity, when compared to the 2010 UK homes paid an amount of £883 extra on energy in 2016. To clarify things this was the additional amount they paid for using the same amount of energy they used in 2010. In addition, the Big Six energy suppliers are on a price rise spree making things more difficult in the coming future.

Apart from the energy price rises, there is a 2% increment in the average water and sewerage bill in England. Moreover, as UK households do not have the freedom to change the water supplier; this kind of price rise makes them helpless. Similarly, little can be done to lower council tax bills, which have jumped by 4.99% this year.

Common mistakes that raise household bills:
Forget to switch energy supplier: Most of us are either too busy or too laid back to compare energy prices and switch to cheaper gas and electricity provider. By doing so, one can save up to £578 per year says FreePriceCompare. Moreover, it is not a difficult task to do as you just need to select the cheapest energy quotes online and we finish the switching process for you. Even if you want to switch from standard variable tariffs to cheaper fixed energy deals, we will manage that for you. So, switch gas and electricity supplier and start shrinking your household bills.
No control on heating: It is understandable that cold winters can be life sucking but, lowering your thermostat by just 1C can lower down energy bills by £80 to £90 a year. Now days, boilers have an effective temperature adjustment system, which should be used to ensure some good savings at the end of the year. This is the easiest way to get cheap energy bills in UK.

Watch that Direct Debit: Paying through direct debit can save money on energy plans and help you reach the cheapest energy bills but they do not work the same for home insurance. The fact is that if you are paying insurance on a monthly basis then you incur an interest on it as well. So, direct debit is not the best way to get cheap insurance cost. Instead, the premium upfront and save on interest costs.

Saying no to water meters: The Consumer Council for Water clearly suggest that you can save a huge amount on your water bills if you install a water meter at home. With this meter, your bill will be as per the exact usage and not on an estimated figure. So, just like you should have smart meters for cheaper energy bills, you need water meters to save on your water bills.

Not checking excess on energy payments: Many of us pay through direct debit, which charge on estimated usage of energy. Now, there is a provision to return the excess payments and credits left at the end of the year. When we do not check such credits, the suppliers carry them forward to the next year. However, the best method to save on energy bills is to take back the excess every year. No point keeping your money with any of the UK energy suppliers.

Not bothered about council tax discounts: Whether you know it or not, there are many discounts on council tax like a 25% deduction on people living alone. This is very beneficial for students or the under-25 that are living alone or going through vocational professional training. Council tax deductions are valid for low income earners and people who live with members that are not considered as second residents. So, check with your local council about the details and find out methods to save on council taxes.

In addition, to the above mentioned tendencies we are extremely laid back when stopping the auto-renewal of home insurance. We do not compare home insurance and other utilities and keep paying higher prices which inflate the overall household bills. To ensure good savings, one needs to choose price compare services that help you get the cheapest deals on utilities. Furthermore, you can choose discounts on daily deals offered by FreePriceCompare to make little but significant savings.

FreePriceCompare is majorly into energy price comparison but we also assist to switch insurance providers. You can save on energy bills by choosing our cheapest energy quotes online. We offer price comparison and energy switching services for free, choosing our services gives you another chance to cut down on household bills. To know more about our services, get in touch with us by clicking or call our friendly team of energy price comparison experts on 02034757476.

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