Students Addicted To Mobile Phones Spending Even 10h Per Day!

October 10th, 2019


Addiction: Students spending up to ten hours daily texting, emailing and on social media

* Study warns that being addicted to your phone is becoming a realistic idea.

* On average, female students spent daily 10 hours and male students spend 8

* Some even revealed that they felt stressed when the phone was out of sight.

According to a study done by a team at Baylor University in Texas, female students spent 10 hours daily texting, emailing and on social media – their male counterparts spent 8 hours a day. Author James Roberts stated that the idea of a phone addiction was “an increasing realistic possibility”

The Baylor University online survey, had 164 respondents from which they discovered that 60% believe they may be addicted to their mobile and the most time was spent texting –average of 94.6 minutes per day. The rest compiled of 48.5 minutes on email, 38.6 minutes on Facebook, 34.4 minutes on the internet and 26.9 minutes listening to music.

Functions, such as Instagram and Pinterest, are associated with the addiction but other which might be construed as addictive are in fact not addictive, such as internet for gaming.

Results also revealed that despite women spending more time on their phones, they sent the same amount of emails as males, meaning women simply spent more time per message. Professor Roberts considered this to be due to males “sending shorter, more utilitarian messages compared to their female counterparts”. “Women may be more inclined to use phones for social interactions such as texting or emails to build relations and have deeper conversations”.


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