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November 26th, 2019

Travel Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka lies off the coast of South East India, often referred to as India’s Tear Drop. It is a country, which in the past, has been ravaged by communal difficulties but peace has been brokered, and the country has one of the fastest growing economies anywhere.

It is an almost undiscovered Asian country with endless beaches, a huge population of elephants, timeless ruins, lively & friendly people, untouched natural beauty, mouth watering delicacies, tasty tea, rolling surf and a lot more. British nationals can visit it to check some of the greenest places in the world.

Visiting Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has un-spoilt, white and golden beaches with reams of coconut and palm trees lining the shores. It also has picturesque hills with tea and coffee plants.

The main religion of Sri Lanka is Buddhism, and there are stunning temples and statues to reflect the religiosity of the country. Nonetheless, Sri Lanka is proudly secular and religious tensions are rare when compared to other nations.

Colombo itself has many sights to visit including temples and the National museum which houses artifacts including paintings and sculptures dating back thousands of years.

Sri Lanka has 15 National Parks to wonder and explore which should keep any wild life enthusiast busy and happy.

For the lovers of the sea and sand, there’s no better place to visit than the beaches of Unawatuna and Marissa. You’ll have the pleasure of walking on brilliant white sands and swimming or sailing in crystal blue water.

Why should you visit Sri Lanka?

For the pleasure of discovering an unexplored destination: Well, it is quite sad that a visually stunning country like Sri Lanka was always away from the sight of the travellers. Due to the civil war, the nation was quite abandoned by the tourists but now things have changed and there are plenty of beautiful things to explore in this nation of beaches, elephants and Buddhism. If you are someone who likes to discover unexplored destinations then Sri Lanka would not leave you disappointed at all.

To check out the Asian wildlife: You may have never imagined but this South Asian country would give you many opportunities to dive with the spinner dolphins, check out the blue whales, watch Asian elephants and more. The country is rich in wild and marine life and has around 5,800 wild elephants and the highest population of leopards in the world. You can check them out at the various national parks in the country.

To lose oneself in the mystic caves: This is an ideal place to get a taste of spirituality with many caves filled with Buddha statues, paintings and a mystic environment that helps you dive within yourself. The Dambulla cave temple, Aluvihara rock cave temple, Ravana’s cave, Bambaragala Viharaya and Fa Hien caves are some of the most enchanting caverns in this island nation. Most of them are a few centuries old and sure to give you some ethereal and meditative experience.

For the love of the beaches: The country is encircled by white sandy beaches, the simplicity of which leave you awe struck. You can actually expect some world class diving sites without the crowds and noises. Pearly white beaches without pathways remind you of nature’s wonders and simplicity. You can surf, dive or just lay down on these wonderfully stretched sandy places on your trip to Sri Lanka.

To wonder in the rainforests: This country has lush green forests, long stretched tea plantations and exotic vegetation that paint a green picture of the earth. It could be your easy escape in the tropical climate with many lowlands and coasts to check out. For example, Sinharaja rainforest which can be the best place for trekking and swimming under the water falls.

To unravel the history and heritage: The country has more than 2000 years of cultural heritage which can be seen in its ancient sites and legendary temples. No wonder, UNESCO has selected eight of its sites as world heritage sites! In addition, there are many Hindu and Buddhist temples in the secular country, which witnessed a big episode of the historic Hindu epic the Ramayana.

To bask in the picturesque beauty: The Asian country has some of the most stunning landscapes, beaches, bays, ocean-fringed jungles and tea plantations that speaks about the natural beauty of the place. It is a photographer’s delight as you would get the best of backgrounds for those selfies and travel snaps.

Must visit tourist attractions in Sri Lanka:

  • Sigiriya
  • Temple of the Tooth
  • Dambulla cave temple
  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
  • Yala National Park
  • Adam’s Peak
  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve
  • Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara
  • Bundala National Park
  • Galle Face Green
  • Ruwanwelisaya
  • Koneswaram temple
  • Knuckles Mountain Range
  • Hakgala Botanical Garden
  • National museum of Colombo
  • Gangaramaya Buddhist temple
  • Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

December to March is considered peak tourist season in Sri Lanka and you can expect high prices for accommodation and flights.

May to August is all about rains and does not attract tourist attention. It is considered low tourist season with the cheapest accommodation and hotel rates.

April, September to November are months touted as the shoulder season making it a good time to wander without worrying about bookings and schedules.

More Information:


Sri Lanka has a tropical climate, which is hot and humid during the summer with May being the hottest month. The rainy season is from October to January.


Check the following links to know about the visa details and entry requirements in Sri Lanka:


Travellers can choose any mode of transport which includes rails, taxis, tuktuks, car hire, bus etc. You can get air conditioned mini buses to motorised rickshaws as per your requirements.

How to reach Sri Lanka from the UK?

Sri Lanka’s international airport is located in the Capital city of Colombo; direct flights are operated by the national carrier Sri Lankan Airways. Other airlines flying to Colombo include Emirates, Qatar Airways and Swiss Air.

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