Spring Time Safety For Pets – Best Way To Reduce Pet Insurance Cost

December 10th, 2019

Spring has arrived in the UK, the sun is shining now and this calls for the best time for some outdoor fun. If you are a pet owner then it is the time to take your pooch for long walks and make it exercise in the warm sun. However, spring season comes up with some unwelcome pet care rituals as it exposes the pet to pollens, toxic plants and diseases.

It is also the best time to buy pet insurance for your lovely pets. To keep your pet happy and healthy in the spring time, you must practice some vigorous pet care habits to make sure your furry pal remains lively during the sunny days. You must have a pet insurance policy to help you manage finances in case the pet suffers from spring time diseases.

Following are the spring time pet healthcare tips:

Brush off the coat shedding: In this season, the furry animals will shed their coats and get exposed to fleas on the outdoors. Therefore, you must keep a habit of brushing the coat regularly to get rid of the undercoat, fur knots and loose hair. Brushing will also help you find any fleas on the pooch’s body, remove them at the earliest to save your furry friend from varied diseases caused by these pests.

Keep away the allergens: Springtime allergies are quite common in pets as they get exposed to the outdoors more in this season. Some common symptoms of allergies are itchy skin, runny eyes, patchy skin, breathing problems etc. It is advisable to visit your vet before the start of spring to get an idea about the allergens that can cause havoc in your pet’s life. Take due car to keep your pet at bay from these allergens and if it’s unavoidable then make certain that you have remedies for them as well. For frequent vet visits and other routine pet care situations, you need at least a cheap pet insurance policy that assists when the pet faces smaller issues.

Don’t leave pets in the car: Even if you are going away for a few minutes, it is advisable to not keep your pet locked in the car. The temperature inside the car becomes high at a sky rocketing pace and may result in heat stroke. It is an offence to leave your pets in the vehicles and you may face some strict action if caught doing this. In addition, there are chances of the pet getting dehydrated so, it is always recommended to not keep your pet inside a locked car.

Pet friendly spring time cleaning: Many of us plan spring time cleaning of our homes. While cleaning and hygiene is always good for the pet, the strong cleaning chemicals when comes in contact can irritate the delicate paws of the pets. In the same way, if you are planning any DIY with paints, solvents and nails then make sure that you keep these things away from your pet. Your playful pet may ingest any of these things and would need immediate veterinary care. Pet insurance would prove highly beneficial in such circumstances as you would be able to manage the finances without struggle.

Keep pets and toxic plants at a distance: Spring plants have their own charm but many of them prove poisonous for the pets. This is the time when your pet would love to go outdoors and enjoy the warm season and so, you need to be very careful about their safety. The bulbs, leaves and even the pollens can be toxic for your lovely pooch with some of them acting as strong allergens. Even the pesticides are very harmful for the animals making the garden a risky place for the pet. To avoid any issues, you should take good care of your pooch and change the settings of the plants in such a way that the pet don’t come in direct contact with these plants. Vets agree that they get more patients in this season and many of them suffer from ingestion of poison.

To be on the safer side, make sure that your pet is indoors while you are applying pesticides and even store them at places which are unreachable for your pet. Keep away things like Cocoa Shell Mulch which contains theobromine, which is toxic for dogs. After all this, be watchful of the symptoms of the poison ingestion in your dogs. Some of them are vomiting, diarrhoea, lack of coordination, disturbed gait etc. If any of these signs are observed then immediately rush to the vet. You may need to pay heavy veterinary bills, which calls for the need of at least a cheap pet insurance policy, if you cannot buy an all-inclusive policy.

Be gradual with the exercise: As your furry friend was not going out in the winter, it is not habituated for long walks or exercise sessions. A sudden push of exercise may damage its muscles and therefore, increase at a gradual pace. Swimming is the best exercise only if your pet loves water however; you need to be careful as damp coat is the biggest reason for skin infections. Make sure you dry the coat properly so that there are no traces of humidity.

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Fleas and tick season: Fleas and ticks are a common site in the spring, you need to be extra careful in this season and cannot afford to miss the flea and tick preventives to keep your pooch safe from flea infested diseases. You should have tick removal tropical, pair of tweezers, flea powders and sprays should be handy in the house. Again, there is no match to the advice of a qualified, experienced veterinarian so, consult a vet in this season. A large part of pet care expense is covered by flea & tick preventives and if you have the best pet insurance UK then it will be the biggest help to raise your pet with the best possible facilities.

Don’t forget pet insurance: Insure your pet so that you can spend on its treatment as spring is the time when the pet faces maximum allergies. In addition, fleas, ticks, stinging insects are dominant in this season and so, you need to have financial backup that keeps your pet care budget under control. If you don’t have pet insurance yet then it is highly recommended to compare pet insurance quotes and buy a comprehensive policy that helps you in crisis situation. Moreover, if you have more than one pet then go for multi pet insurance so that you have separate financial arrangement for each pet.

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