Social Media and Driving

October 10th, 2019

According to research, motorists aged between 17 to 29 or van drivers, are more likely to have used their phone for texting and using social media whilst driving than making phone calls.

The rule since December 2003: It’s illegal to use a hand held mobile phone whilst driving or even whilst stopped with the engine on.

Currently offenders are given a fixed penalty notice which adds 3 points to their license and a fine of £100. Should the matter go to court, the offender could lose their license and face a fine of up to £1,000.

It’s important to note that hands free gadgets are permitted but if you are considered to be distracted than the penalties are the same as the above.

Smoking, whilst driving, Is that illegal?

Smoking in company cars is illegal and new laws will also make it illegal to smoke in private cars whereby passengers are children. Apart from that smoking is legal, but if you are distracted then you could be fined for careless driving.

Can I eat and drive?

If you are eating and seen to be distracted you could be fined for careless or dangerous driving.

Remember, if you are distracted and an accident occurs you could get a maximum penalty for death by dangerous driving or careless driving for up to 14 years. Careless driving has a penalty of up to £5000 and 3 to 9 points on the license.

Roads minister, Robert Goodwill says, “No phone-call is worth risking an accident. We will keep further deterrent measures under consideration”.

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