Smart technology – the best way to get cheap home insurance

December 10th, 2019
Smart technology - the best way to get cheap home insurance

Home insurance is often considered as a money sapping investment and nearly 20% of Britons live without a home insurance cover just to avoid the gigantic cost of premiums. A point to highlight here is that insurers do not charge premiums on the location of your home but on the risk associated with your claim. If you home is susceptible to manmade or natural damage then cheap home insurance premiums is difficult.

Homes with lack of security features are susceptible to theft, fire and other kinds of damage. Such a home is a big risk for UK home insurance providers who charge higher premiums to gather the cost of payout in the event of a claim by you. Therefore, what you can do from your end is to make the home secure with the help of adequate locking systems, smart technology devices and features that ensure safety of your home. This is a sure shot way to get cheap home insurance in UK.

Find here, smart technology and devices that help you get cheap home insurance

Flowgem is a small gadget used to keep an eye on the boiler. You can attach it to the boiler and it will alert you about any leakage on your smart phone. This lemon sized device is very easy to install and you can do it on your own. Many home insurance providers recommend it to their customers so that they can keep an eagle’s view on the boiler troubles and minimize them. In short, Flowgem reduces the chances of payout and if you have it installed then you are not a risky bet for the insurer. Therefore, they can easily offer you a cover with cheap home insurance premiums.

Cujo is one other fantastic gadget that protects your home against cyber attacks of all kinds. It is a tiny device that can be connected to your TV, mobile, desktop, tablet, laptop and other electronic devices. Cujo completely rules out cyber attacks on any of your electronic devices and thus, reduces payout for content insurance. By bringing this to the knowledge of your home insurance provider, you can show the safety considerations of your home and get cheap content insurance premiums.

Neos is the complete package of alarms, cameras and door safety technologies and devices. It is connected to your smart phone and has the feature to generate alerts in case of fire, flood or possible break-ins. Moreover, if the system finds you unavailable or otherwise then it also sends an alert to its own customer care center, which can easily notify you or take an action in case of emergency. If you have Neos installed in your homes then getting a cheap home insurance cover is as easy as pie.

The above examples prove that smart technologies minimize the risk associated with UK homes. When utilized in the best possible manner, these technologies can save you from theft, fire and other adversities. It also hints the UK home insurance providers about your awareness towards the safety of home and thus, compels them to reduce the cost of home insurance cover.

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