Smart meter roll outs enters its main phase but not many takers yet

October 10th, 2019

Smart meters were considered as the best technical innovation for energy customers as they would rule out the chances of wrong billing. The UK government also emphasized on the necessity of these meters so that the customers benefit from the cheapest energy bills. The year 2020 is the deadline to install smart meters in all UK households and the project has entered its main phase but, there is many takers of these automatic energy measuring units.

Whilst, it is a disappointment to see the relative failure of such a project that offers more freedom to the energy customers, it actually saves them from paying extra on the unused units. Either way, smart meters are supposed to be installed to streamline the process of generating correct energy bills. Again, they would turn out to be the easiest way to get cheaper energy bills.

However, if we believe the statistics then majority of the UK energy suppliers have not fulfilled their target of smart meter installation. There are even observations that customers avoid these meters for the flaws associated with the installation. Let us get an insight on the actual reasons to get into the gravity of the matter.

Major reasons why smart meters installation is failing:

First of all, the government has specified that UK energy suppliers have to bear the price of smart meter installation. This has not gone well with many of the UK gas and electricity providers as they consider the additional cost as a burden on them. It is one of the biggest impediments in rolling out smart meters as the suppliers themselves are not keen.

Second reason is that the meters are not welcomed by many of the customers simply because they have to opt for new meter if they switch the gas and electricity supplier. As energy customers like to switch to cheaper energy deals offered by suppliers, changing the meter with the switch becomes an additional task. Therefore, many energy consumers are reluctant for the installation.

Next thing that is considered a road block is that technology for installation is likely to get cheaper with time and thus, the UK energy suppliers are not keen on setting up things at an early stage.

All these reasons can’t simply take away the benefits from the energy customers as smart meters would be instrumental in getting them some of the cheapest energy bills ever. Experts reveal that the overall savings due to smart meters would be around £300m in 2020. Customers can actually celebrate the fact that with smart meters, they would make big savings on energy bills whether they switch the energy supplier or not.

The following table suggests the lower number of installation with respect to the total number of customers registered with some popular energy suppliers.

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As per energy price comparison expert Shay Ramani, “Britons should definitely go for smart meter installation as it would cut down hundreds of pounds from their energy bills. This is the easiest way to get the cheapest energy bills apart from the regular method of switching gas and electricity supplier. As the government promises to sort out issues by upgrading the smart meters, most customers will not face any trouble even when they switch energy supplier. Therefore, smart meters are highly recommended for one and all.”

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