Sky cuts down carbon emission by 44%, claims to reach half the amount by 2020

December 11th, 2019

Sky, an expert in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) design, supply and installation for homes and businesses, claims to reduce its carbon emission to half in 2020. The company has cut down its carbon emission by creating more energy efficient buildings. The astonishing part is that one fifth of the company’s carbon emission happens due to the fleet of engineer vans and other vehicles.

As this was a big time focus area, Sky has now planned to use lower carbon technologies in its vans. This would reduce the carbon emission by 15% by 2020. The company also has a goal of creating energy efficient buildings which would improve efficiency by a considerable percentage. The company has been a big name for renewable energy but needs to work on itself to create a greener society.


Image source: cleanenergynews

Sky’s energy fuel includes combined cooling, heating and power plant (CCHP), biomass and wind power. The company has solar panels installed across their UK sites and plans to offer 100% renewable electricity. It would be managing it onsite renewables or would get support from the UK and Ireland for clean energy resources.

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