Single Trip Travel Insurance – Things You Need to Know

December 12th, 2019

If you do not travel for more than two times a year then buying a single trip insurance is an intelligent and an affordable idea. The travel insurance cover will support you in case of any unexpected spending’s. Be it an accident, booking cancellations, flight delay or any other type of loss, you will be paid out for it. You will also have the support of a 24 hour emergency number to make claims quickly and instantaneously.

Single trip travel insurance cover levels:

While checking a single trip travel insurance, you must assure the following minimum levels of cover. It’s important that you get the cheapest single trip travel insurance but not at the expense of foregoing the essentials. Find here, single trip cover levels:

Cancellation cover: In case of cancellation of the trip due to any kind of emergency, this cover gets you a pay-off for the flight, hotel and transportation charges. The cover should be equal to or higher than the total value of the holiday so that you can cope with the loss. Don’t miss out on this feature of the cover as it is crucial and worth an investment.

Medical cover: You may need medical support any time during the trip. Be it a simple fever or a big accident, all your health expenses can be claimed if you have medical cover within your single trip insurance. Even if you have an EHIC, you still need a medical cover for your European trip.

Personal liability cover: This cover supports you if you are held responsible for an injury to a person or damage to a property. The cover offers pay out up to the limit of the liability. Ask your insurance provider about the liability limit before making the travel insurance purchase.

Baggage and personal belongings cover: This cover would pay out the cost of replacing lost personal items during the trip. You can take separate single item policies for expensive things like cameras and laptops. To avoid losses due to theft and mishandling of luggage and gadgets, just take this cover under your travel insurance.

When to say no to a single trip insurance cover?

  • If you are travelling more than two times a year, then there is no point taking a single trip insurance cover. Take an annual travel insurance that can be claimed for a higher number of times.
  • If you are travelling with family then going for a family holiday insurance policy is always beneficial than many single trip policies. Family travel insurance would be much cheaper than single trip cover.
  • Again, if you are travelling with a group then choosing a group travel insurance policy would charge lower premiums than single trip premiums.

However, it needs to be verified that the insurance covers all your travelling needs. It is advisable to check the policy rather than going for the cheapest single trip insurance. For the best choice, compare travel insurance providers and their insurance deals. This can be easily done through the services of

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