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Scottish Power Simplifies Energy Bills – Offers Day Wise Energy to be tracked With PowerUp App

December 11th, 2019

In order to simplify energy billing and usage, the Big Six energy supplier Scottish Power has come up with an innovative solution. Unlike fixed or standard tariff, the company will now be offering energy in bundles of days. The company sources reveal that they have followed the practical principle which lets people fill up their car fuel tank or buy mobile data bundle. Similarly, they can use energy per day or for a couple of days.

They offer energy packages that start from one day to six months and mark it with a set price. According to them, just like people fill up their cars with fuel or top up their mobile phones, they can similarly use energy for a fixed number of days. This will break them free from monthly energy charges. It would also help the customers gauge the energy usage per day. Another benefit is that customers save energy while still keeping their energy bills within budget.

Keith Anderson, Chief Executive, Scottish Power stated that “We’re saying to people buy it by the day, not by kilowatts or a fancy tariff you don’t understand.” “You go to the garage and put £50 in your car. Inherently you know that will last you two to three weeks. We thought why don’t we do the same thing with energy.”

The company is hopeful that this revolutionary solution will not only save energy but will also help customers in keeping energy affordable. To keep things transparent the energy company is offering an app called PowerUp that will keep track of the energy usage and corresponding billed amount.

PowerUp would be launched by the start of October. The energy scheme would be offered to the existing customers as of now. Energy prices would be the most competitive ones so that the max number of customers can take advantage of it.

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