Scottish car insurance premiums rising

October 10th, 2019

In much of the UK, car insurance prices have been slowly dropping. A more competitive market combined with harsher punishments on fraudulent claims have been the main cause for this.

However in Scotland, insurance premiums have been rising slowly, but only in comparison to previous levels.

Scottish drivers have seen their premiums increase by more than 4% to an average of around £408 a year. Despite these rises however, Scotland is still one of the cheapest regions for insurance in the UK.

In particular, the Scottish Border, Central Scotland and the Scottish Highlands saw marked increases, with the East and North East areas seeing very marginal increases.

These figures were revealed by a survey conducted by the comparison site, The finance team at have said that the reason for the increase in insurance premiums in some Scottish areas was likely due to an increase in the volume of low value claims in the Border and Highland areas.

This is suggestive of an increase in car accidents, serious or not, but were quick to point out that although incidents did seem to be occurring more often, they were still amongst the lowest in the UK.

The East and North East regions saw small decreases in their premiums, mostly due to marked decreases in the number of female claims. A female driver buying an insurance policy will pay around £385, more than £400 lower than the highest UK prices.

These costs are the lowest in the UK anywhere since the survey began in 2006, with male drivers in the East and North East regions paying £500 less than the average driver of the same age elsewhere.

There does tend to be fewer drivers in these more rural areas, but with seemingly less claims per person, careful drivers in these Scottish regions are reaping the rewards.

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