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Robbed on a Trip Abroad – Find what to do!

December 11th, 2019

What should you do after being robbed abroad?

Your travel trip can be muddled if you are robbed in a foreign nation. It could be a traumatic event as you may lose your money, purse, cards and other valuables. If you have suffered any injury in the process then it becomes a really tough time. First of all, be a very careful traveller. Robbers and pickpockets are waiting to make tourists as their easy prey and if you become a victim of a mugging then you must gather some courage and take the necessary action to save yourself from further losses.

First thing is to report the incident to the police. To claim your insurance for loss of money, card, passport and other documents, you need a copy of a police report. So, go to the nearest police station and file a complaint. Also, contact your card issuer and report the stolen cards and traveller cheques.

Your travel insurance company may provide for injuries due to mugging. This amount may not be big but would certainly fund minor scratches and bruises. Check your policy before leaving for a trip abroad. If there are serious injuries then you should contact your medical insurance provider. This will help you get the best treatment in shortest possible time.

If you have gone through any tour service then call them and inform about the incident. They would arrange medical care and support the legalities to be done with the police. If you are not satisfied with the action of the police then you can certainly go to the British consul or embassy to get the much needed help. You can find the embassy details and concerned person’s contact at fco.gov.uk

The embassy would check a copy of your police report to issue a new passport. This may cost you £100 as an emergency replacement cost. This would be covered in your travel insurance. Issuing a new credit card may take one to three days. If you are left with no money then you can contact people at home and get money transferred from westernunion.com. You can collect from the nearest bank that offers online transactions. It may cost £10-£25 to get an amount of £500.

In the worst case, where you cannot contact your friends or family, you can ask for a loan from the consul. This emergency loan should cover your return trip to Britain. When at home, show all cashpoint receipts to your insurer to claim for the monetary loss. So, keep all receipts of cashpoints or foreign currency exchange during your trip. This may cost you an excess equal to £75 or so.

You should be alert on your trips by keeping your money and other valuables at a safe place. In case of any unfortunate incident, contact the police who would readily help. If not then go to the British Embassy and follow the process. Keeping receipts of foreign exchange and other money transactions will help gain the lost money through insurance claim. So, keep them safe with you. Remember, for all these benefits travel insurance is a must so never forget to insure your trip.

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