Rise of Renewable Energy in the UK

October 10th, 2019

It’s not an often considered fact, but much of the renewable energy sources are seasonal to some degree. Whether they are harnessing wind, sun or water, there are good and bad times for renewable energy sources.

In this vain, and to coincide with the arrival of the spring wind and sun, several new solar farms and off-shore wind farms are being brought online to harness the greater rays and increased wind in the next few months.

In a different direction, there is a potential new atomic power plant that could be based in Somerset. It has been 30 years since the last nuclear energy plant was opened, despite being far cleaner and greener than the coal and gas equivalents.

The public fear and stigma attached to nuclear power comes from the several internationally broadcast nuclear reactor failures. However, in reality, nuclear power has been shown to be far safer and cleaner than fossil fuel energy plants. This plant would signal a shift from fossil fuels to nuclear and renewable sources, but would not open until 2030, leaving a large gap in the energy supply market.

Several commentators have said that in 15 years, renewable energy will be a far more effective, efficient and cheap form of energy gathering, and that to create a new nuclear plant with a 15 year waiting period would end up being the wrong decision. Government initiatives, public and private ventures and an ever growing start-up community of climate and environmental scientists are working on the problem of renewable energy; it seems to be a matter of time before green energy starts to become more and more effective in large scale energy provision.

With more and more investment coming from the private sector into the green energy market, progress is happening quickly and looks to increase.

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