Renting A Property And Changing Energy Suppliers

October 23rd, 2019

Renting a property could mean you have very little say on what you can do about the abode you reside in, but choosing an energy supplier of your own is something you should have control of.

The house you rent could have the most atrocious paint job, cheap dodgy furnishing but because of your tenancy agreement you may not be able to do a darn thing about it, however, if you’re responsible for the paying the gas and electricity bills then you should have the right to choose an energy supplier of your choice.

Energy prices on the wholesale market have been the lowest they have been for a few years which has meant that even the big six energy suppliers have slashed their prices for fixed/capped tariffs.

An Ofgem survey in 2014 revealed that almost 75% of tenants have never changed energy providers, and astonishingly a 5th of tenants were under the impression that they were not able to change their suppliers.

Ofgem has suggested that tenants were just unaware of their rights to compare energy providers and find a better tariff.

Those that rent their home are not required to accept the incumbent energy supplier but have the right to choose an energy supplier just like homeowners do. However despite this, only a quarter of tenants of rented properties will make that switch, whereas those that were homeowners almost 50% would make that switch.

Mr Shay Ramani MD of comparison site, said: “If you are renting a property and pay the bills, then you have the right to choose an energy supplier of your choice, without having the compulsion to stay with the current supplier. As part of the ‘Rent Plus Bills’ arrangement, as long as you pay the bills the landlord cannot object to you finding a cheaper supplier of your choice”

“With an online switch taking less than 5 minutes and savings in the hundreds, there aren’t too many reasons why you would not switch”.

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