Renewable Energy Generation From Suppliers

October 23rd, 2019

In 2002 the Renewable Obligation (RO) bill was enacted forcing UK energy suppliers to increase the amount of energy derived from renewable sources to 34% by the year 2020.

For those that only wish to get energy from renewable sources can choose a green energy tariff or a green supplier . The other option is to generate your own green renewable energy.

It must be said that green tariffs and green suppliers on average are more expensive than conventional tariffs made from a mix of renewable and non-renewable sources.

Renewable energy in the home

The Government’s introduction of Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs) has helped more houses and businesses than ever before to create their own low-carbon energy.

The FITs incentivises households and businesses by paying them to generate their own renewable energy source, which can be used or sold back to the grid.  FITs is available for a number renewable energy generation forms though the most popular methods are solar panels and wind turbines

Solar panels

Solar panels are the most popular way of generating renewable energy with the biggest cost being the panels and installation. However, we are seeing a dramatic decrease in the cost of panels.

Typical residential solar panel system will cost several thousands of pounds to purchase and install but should generate about 3000 kWh energy per year.

If you qualify for the Feed-in Tariff scheme you could earn upwards of £600 a year. Should there be further excess energy this could be sold back to the grid for a further income.

Wind turbines

With the UK being labelled the windiest country in Europe, there are an increasing number of people purchasing wind turbines particularly in rural locations. The cost of the most efficient turbines can be as much as £22,000 or more. There are cheaper 2kWh turbines for under £5,000 which will be eligible for FITs. However, before installing a wind turbine on your property, seek advice from your local planning office.

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