Recent Research suggests energy consumption needs required from energy suppliers

November 26th, 2019

Recent ground breaking analysis has suggested a strong relationship between households and their demand for energy in the future. This will help energy suppliers in the long- term better judge the supply required to feed demand, therefore leading to greater levels of efficiency.

Customer- Led Network Revolution (CNLR) conducted a research project involving 12,000 different types of households including; those households with heat pumps, smart meters, solar panels and vehicle charging points.

Interestingly, this development research assignment is also examining how prepared customers are to adapt in using energy during off peak periods (peak periods include anytime between 4-8pm). It is believed that this will be extremely economical in monetary terms going forward.

The data has proved to be crucial for energy suppliers due to the ever -fluctuating household usage of electricity including more people choosing to work from home thus using more electricity. Equally, more and more households are using more of the Internet, Computers and Playstations.

The overall aim of the research is to allow all suppliers to improve productivity and efficiency.

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