Planning to switch to a smaller energy supplier? – Checklist to consider

October 10th, 2019

Are you fed up of the energy price rises made by the Big Six energy suppliers? Have you made up your mind to switch to smaller energy supplier? Well, if you have decided to make a switch to cheaper energy provider in UK and if that happens to be a relatively smaller energy supplier then there is more to dig into. Not every cheap energy supplier is the best energy provider in UK. Therefore, check some pros and cons of switching to cheaper gas and electricity providers and then start saving.

Checklist to follow when switching to smaller gas and electricity suppliers:

The bill is not the only consideration: Most of us aim to switch energy suppliers to avoid gigantic energy bills that literally shatter our monthly budget. However, it’s not just the energy price but also the services that matters. Therefore, choose a supplier that offers cheaper energy deals along with excellent service.

Eco-friendly supplier: Not all small energy suppliers offer renewable or green electricity. So, if you want to contribute towards minimising the carbon foot print then choose a supplier that may not be necessarily small or new in the market but offers green electricity at affordable rates.

Complain resolution: Even the best gas and electricity suppliers in UK have some unhappy customers and historically have lost on the grounds of inefficient customer care, delayed complain resolution and sometimes due to false bills. To avoid such hassles, you should check the track record of the gas and electricity supplier on FreePriceCompare’s Know Your Supplier section. Find the pros and cons of each and then select the one that matches your energy requirements.

Stability of the company: There have been cases where smaller electricity and gas providers have crumbled in the energy market and faced a complete shutdown. They go through severe losses by offering cheap energy prices and sometimes the customer has to suffer when they collapse. However, the energy regulator Ofgem has made ground rules for such scenarios and replaces the energy supplier with another stable gas and electricity provider. So, if you have any concerns regarding the collapse of new energy suppliers then you need not worry. You can easily make a switch to smaller gas and electricity suppliers and Ofgem will manage any crisis conditions.

Switching hassle: If you feel that switching energy supplier is a Herculean task then do not worry at all. There are energy price comparison experts like FreePriceCompare that not only suggest the cheapest energy quotes online but also offer a list of suppliers that fit into your scheme of things. All you have to do is select a supplier and the entire switching process would be handled by us. Moreover, we don’t charge anything to assist you to get cheapest energy provider in UK. So, rest assured that energy switching is smooth and easy for you.

Losing energy during the switch: Most energy customers stick to the same supplier for years as they don’t want to face energy gaps during the switching process. Well, that is an age old story and doesn’t happen in the UK. Do not worry about any such hassle, just choose the supplier that is most suitable for you and relax!

In a nut shell, you need to consider many aspects before making a switch to cheaper energy supplier. However, the team of energy price comparison experts at FreePriceCompare can simplify the switch process for you. We can get you the cheapest energy suppliers in UK and that too free of cost. To know how we manage to do so, feel free to contact our friendly customer care team that will sort our all your dilemmas. You can get in touch with us at or call our team on 02034757476.

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