Phillips and Ericsson collaborate to launches 4G connected street lights

October 10th, 2019


Have you ever imagines street lights offering mobile networks? Wouldn’t it be great when the street lights give away high speed internet access? Well, that is what is planned by energy giant Phillips and Ericsson, who collaborate to bring forth 4G networks through the common lights on the street. This step would enhance mobile coverage in Europe like never before.

The idea is to develop LED emitting Philips lightpole site slim integrated with tiny cells and antenna that offer mobile connectivity in the surrounding places. The compact poles with LEDs placed at various places on the pole create diverse illuminating patterns are already being installed in Barcelona prior to the Mobile World Congress. Mobile operators can offer rent for their places on the pole and the cost of operations would be much reduced when compared to the method they are using now.

Nishant Batra, Head of Network Infrastructure Products at Ericsson said: “Philips lightpole site, with fully integrated Ericsson small cells, enables mobile operators to deploy dozens or hundreds of cell sites quickly and easily, making it possible to upgrade large areas with minimal disruption while delivering superior outdoor connectivity and app coverage to their subscribers.”

Christoph Herzig, from Philips Lighting, added his view by saying that “The digital transformation of public spaces is accelerating rapidly – from historic town centres to neighbourhoods to large urban areas. Today’s civic leaders want to meet the needs of the people they serve by creating connected, protected environments that are smart and efficient today, and that take advantage of all emerging technologies in the future. Street lighting has the potential to become a ubiquitous, high-performing wireless network that is essential for any city’s digital transformation. Think of it as digital real estate that can be rented out.”

This is an amazing innovation which suffices the necessity of having mobile networks in the vicinity. Soon, we can expect to launch of such street light embedded networks in the UK. Both Phillips and Ericsson had announced at Mobile World Congress 2014 to jointly sort out the coverage and sustainability issues and in two years they have come up with this smart LED light poles.

We can wait for the launch of these lights in the UK in order to enjoy the best network facilities. With such brilliant innovations, the UK, which is considered low in offering internet connectivity can certainly become top mobile network providers in the world.

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