Pet Owners Beware! Lethal ‘Alabama Rot’ Dog Disease Hits UK, 17 Cases Confirmed in 2016

December 11th, 2019

Pet health care becomes all the more important especially in the winter season which is considered unsafe for the animals. Apart from keeping them warm, you need to be watchful about their skin and coat, which may show signs of dry weather that increases the habit of itching and scratching the skin. You should not ignore any kind of lesions on the skin, coat and lower limb of your furry friend as outbreaks of one of the deadly dog diseases called ‘Alabama Rot’ in the UK has been spotted.

Vets suggest that the disease had originated in the United States somewhere around the 1980s and was specifically found in greyhounds. However, now days it is found in all breeds of dogs and its occurrence can be suspected if you find any sores and lesions around the elbows, knees, paws and sometimes the tongue. The lesion looks like a popped mass of skin and the area around it would be swollen with open red, ulcer-like patches.

Alabama Rot was not reported a lot since its first occurrence in the 1980s but a similar kind of sickness is found in the dogs now. Vets in the UK suggest that what they find is a disease similar to the ‘Alabama Rot’ and is actually called Cutaneous and Renal Glomerural Vasculopathy in the scientific terminology. In this case, the skin and filtering portions of the kidney get problem with blood vessels leading to this specific clinical syndrome which eventually causes renal diseases and kidney failures.

As of now a total of 81 cases have been confirmed in the UK, with 17 being in this year only. It was first identified in the UK in the year 2012 and is now spread across 27 counties of the UK. The most concerning part about this disease is that within one to nine days of the occurrence of lesions, the animal starts showing signs of renal diseases, which may result in kidney failure which eventually proves fatal for the poor dog.

Dog owners should to be extra cautious if they find any kind of sores on their pet’s body. The worst part is that vets are still in the dark about the actual cause of the disease which also suggests that there is no prevention for this deadly ailment. However, as a precautionary measure one should wash their pet’s body and limbs after returning from an outside walk. If you find any kind of soreness in your pet’s skin then it is advisable to immediately visit a veterinarian to get a quick diagnosis.

Talking about the treatment, vets suggest that as the actual cause of the disease is not known, what they can do is treat the secondary infections and signs of renal. They treat the animal aggressively with excess fluids and dialysis in order to prevent kidney failure much before the case becomes critical.

Furthermore, the vets in the UK suggest that, it seems like an individual disease which does not spread to other dogs but, if you suspect other dog for this disease then it is best to keep away so there are no chances of infections. For more details on this lethal dog disease, you can get first hand advice from your veterinarian and you can also check the video.

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