Pet Insurance – Types and Tips To Make Big Savings

December 12th, 2019

It is an undeniable fact that veterinary fees are increasing with every passing year. Owning a pet may prove expensive if you have not planned for it in advance. Unless you have unlimited funds at your disposal, it is difficult to bare the pet health care expenses.

To better manage pet health care expenses, one should opt for a pet insurance policy. The providers of these policies will prove to be of great financial support when the pet goes through illness, injury, accidents or other health ailments.

Types of pet insurance policies:

You can choose a pet insurance policy that suits your budget but make sure that your pet’s healthcare is managed through its payoffs. Pet insurance policies are divided into three broad categories:

Life cover: It provides a lifetime cover to the pet. It covers the pet for any illnesses throughout its life and pays off up to a maximum annual cost. The payoff amount can be claimed every year. It is best for covering the pet’s ongoing ailments like arthritis, diabetes etc. The premiums are higher in this case but so are the payoffs.

Per condition: This type of policy gives a lifetime cover for each health condition. It will only payoff for a pre-decided limit for a specific condition. If the bills exceed this limit then the pet owner needs to bear those extra expenses.

Annual cover: It will payoff for expenses incurred for a particular condition for one complete year. It needs to be renewed every year and the treatment can be continued.

Tips for selecting the best pet insurance policy:

Be sure of the cover: You need to be very clear about the cover you want for the pet. Depending on the health of the pet, budget and veterinary advice, you can choose the best cover.

Higher excess: Pay higher ‘excess’ to reduce premiums. Excess is the initial first amount you pay for the policy. If that is high, then premiums would be automatically lower. Manage this as per your monthly pet care budget.

Buy the policy that you want: Do not be in a hurry. Read the small print otherwise, you may end up buying a policy you didn’t intend to. If required, take some professional help to choose the best policy for you and your pet.

Ask around: Check with your friends and other pet owners about the best pet insurance providers. Also, take your vet’s suggestion for the most suitable pet insurance policy and provider. Check if the provider actual meets the promises they make.

Get cover while the pet is young: Many insurance providers are hesitant to cover pets once they reach a particular age. So, buy cover for the pet while they are still young and healthy. It will reduce premium amounts and keep the pet protected for a longer time.

When insuring your pet keep the above mentioned points in mind. It is always advisable to buy pet insurance as you are then prepared for any unexpected health conditions or disasters. For comparing various pet insurance providers, visit us at Alternatively, call us at 08081682466 or hit the ‘Compare Online’ button.

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