Pet Insurance – All Your Queries Answered!

December 12th, 2019

Having a pet is one thing and giving it a fulfilled life is another. Raising a pet is a costly affair. Paying for their routine vet visits, injuries, accidents or chronic ailments can take a toll on the owner. In many cases, pet owners cannot manage the expenses required to own a pet and when faced with financial distress may even abandon the pet or put it down. The latter is opted more often when the pet has a chronic ailment. This situation can be completely avoided by choosing an effective pet insurance policy.

Things to look for to protect your pet:

What is the basic need for pet insurance?

Pet care expenses can be sky mounting. You need some financial support to manage long and short term expenses for the pet. Pet insurance policy can be your financial support for mundane to critical kinds of pet health issues. As there is no National Health Service for pets, an insurance would help a great deal. By paying smaller premiums over a pre decide time, you can actually cover the pet for unexpected treatments, accidents or injuries. Thus, it is advisable to choose a pet insurance policy for your furry friend.

How much does the pet insurance cost?

The cost of insurance depends on the age, breed, medical history and current health condition of the pet. It also varies with the different types of covers offered in the UK. Some pets can be insured in as little as £30 a year, while some might even top the £1,000 mark. It entirely depends on the type of cover and policy, you have selected for the pet.

  • The right insurance policy: There are more than 250 pet health insurance policies available for cats and dogs. You need to be able to select the correct policy for your pet. Broadly pet insurance covers are categorized into the following types:

Cover levels:

  • Per condition with a 12 month time limit: This kind of cover offers a pay off up to the veterinary fee limit or is considered for a 12 month time period, whichever is reached first. Once the time is reached or fee is equalled, there is no further cover protecting the pet.
  • Per condition limit: This type of cover gives payoffs for the veterinary fee limit for each and every condition the pet has been insured for. Once this limit is reached there is no further cover for that particular health condition.
  • Per condition per year: In this type of policy, the cover is provided on a yearly basis and includes payoff for each and every condition. The policy will be renewed every year and thus the pet will get treatment, for which the cost will be covered. The premiums may be a little higher in this type of policies.
  • Per year basis: It covers all expenses during a year. As the policy gets renewed the vet fee limit also gets renewed and you may pay higher if there is an increase in veterinary fees. The premiums here would also be higher compared to other types of pet health covers.

What about additional treatments?

For additional treatments like dental care, physiotherapy, acupuncture and other alternative medicines, you need to check whether your cover provides for those provisions or not. Most yearly or lifetime covers facilitate additional treatments. However, it does not hold true for insurance per condition limit. For a clear idea, compare all the insurance providers, their premiums, discounts and savings.

Most of the companies provide cover which can be claimed against death caused by illness or accident. They also compensate the loss of a missing pet within 30 to 90 days. All you need is to know is which pet insurance is best suitable for your pet.

How can I get additional discounts on pet insurance?

  • Cover the pet while they are young. In this case, you will have to pay smaller premiums.
  • Maintain good health of the pet. If the pet is healthy, then you get additional discounts on the premium.
  • Have a higher “excess” so that the premiums are reduced to a smaller amount.
  • Choose an online pet insurance policy. Going online makes you eligible for a straight 10% discount.
  • An already neutered pet would be insured at lower premiums.

How to get the most affordable pet insurance policy?

Compare the insurance providers, covers, discounts and payoffs. Do the comparison by keeping your pet’s current health condition in mind. Most insurance providers do not cover for pre-existing health condition. So, be honest to them and get the most beneficial pet insurance policy.

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