Ovo to impose charges on customers who call or email them with their energy queries

October 10th, 2019

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Ovo has announced its plans to remove the online discount which was offered to customers who are on Ovo’s standard variable tariff and they are now changing the discount terms for the remainder of its customers base (those on fixed price deals).

Ovo energy currently gives a £60 discount (£30 per fuel) to its customers if they manage their account online. However effective the 1st Oct, Ovo will move customers onto their new “self-serve reward” platform, whereby customers will have to contact Ovo via its website or the app. Should the customers contact Ovo outside of this, such as via phone, social media or email then they will lose £15 per quarter from their £60 annual discount.  Please note customers will not be charged or lose out on their discount if calling in an emergency or calling to make a complaint.

What are the changes exactly?

The changes essentially affect all Ovo customers who are on the fixed rate, online tariffs.

Whilst the previous requirements remain to get the £30 per fuel discount, the new self-serve reward scheme requires customers to adhere to more terms and conditions.

As of the 1st October,

  • Customers will need to pay their direct debit on time and pay the recommended amount at the very least.
  • Customers must use the new self-service reward portal to get in contact with the supplier, there is penalties for contacting the supplier via phone, email or social media, unless when calling to complain or when there is an emergency.

The £60 dual fuel discount is paid quarterly, so customers need to adhere to the rules in the 90-day period else risk losing £15 per quarter.


Commenting on the news, Shay Ramani, founder of Free Price Compare said, “The increase in wholesale prices is putting the pressure on suppliers which is leading them to tightening the belts where possible. Overall customers who are concerned, can leave the fixed price deal with Ovo at no extra cost even if they are on a fixed price deal. From the moment you receive the email from Ovo you have 30 days to switch with no penalties.”

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Once selected, FreePriceCompare will handle the whole process for you, including letting Ovo energy know that you would like to switch energy suppliers. The whole process takes around 21 days and you are guaranteed to be never left without gas or electricity supply.

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