Only 5 days on sale and a Sony Xperia Z5 price cut

December 12th, 2019

No sooner does the Sony XperiaZ5 go on sale than, lo and behold, there is a price cut. This product is a premium smartphone that has only just been unveiled and a price cut in a few days would seem absurd.

Perhaps the phone maker decided the asking price was a little too ambitious to head off the competitors and make users buy into it. Or was it a simple mistake, a slip of the marker pen, as it were? The item was retailing at £549 when purchased direct from Sony’s site on an outright sale; more correctly, that was the case on September 3rd.

However, just one day later, on September 4th, the identical handset can be bought at a dramatic drop down price of £429; that is a significant £120 cut which is hardly a mere bite-sized portion.

There is more to come. It seems price cuts are like Smarties at Sony: the standard Xperia Z5’s asking price has dropped from £599 to £549 in the same period.

As if this isn’t enough to make you dig into your pocket, there’s even a price cut for the one at the top, the Xperia Z5 Premium. This handy little gem of an item can now be yours for £629; this is reasonable when compared with its former price tag of £699.

The problem smartphone manufacturers are having is that Samsung and Apple tend to dominate the global market. This is making it increasingly more difficult to get their foot on the ladder in the market and hold it in place.

Therefore, it might have been a case of too slow an uptake on the first day of selling that caused the sudden price drop. However, there is a stronger feeling that Sony decided it had taken too big a gamble and set its prices too high; it therefore chose, independently, to stop the ladder from precariously wobbling by keeping its foot firmly on the rung and lowering the costs.

However, it is quite plausible that an error occurred whilst inputting the prices onto the site; once the human error was spotted, it was rapidly resolved. Which of the above scenarios hit the truth?

At present it’s a guessing game. An answer from Sony’s PR team is awaited after approaching them about the issue.

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