One Third of Working Families In the UK Can’t Afford the Household Energy Bills!

November 26th, 2019

According to the latest survey conducted by an independent firm, it was found that one third of all the working families in the UK fall in a category that cannot afford to pay their energy bills. As they struggle to keep their homes warm, half of them are already planning to reduce their energy usage. Statistically speaking 32% of the working households which is nearly 4 million homes feel pressurized by the high energy bills.

For them it would be devastating to find that most of the energy suppliers are planning to raise the energy prices. 49% of them are in the preparation of reducing their energy usage and 29% say that they would not switch on their heating systems even in the winters. Sadly 66% of these people worry about the ill effects of cold on their families and 54% say that it may adversely affect their children’s performance in school while 61% say that the cold weather prevents their kids from doing homework.

The survey also found that 10% of these people live in a single room house, 19% of them keep the door of their oven open to warm up their homes and 13% choose paying for energy bills above purchasing their household items. This is an alarming situation and is disheartening when a report suggested that the Big Six energy suppliers are earning seven times more profit than what they have declared.

Another report by the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) bought forth that people are paying £1.4 billion extra money by sticking to the standard energy tariffs offered by the energy suppliers. Reacting to the situation, spokesperson from the energy regulator Ofgem said that “Ofgem is working to implement the CMA’s remedies as quickly and effectively as possible as part of our wider reforms to deliver a fairer, more competitive and smarter energy market”.

“We want suppliers to engage more actively with customers, particularly those on standard variable tariffs, to help them get a better deal. The large suppliers have already seen their market share fall from 99% to less than 85% in the last four years. Suppliers who do not engage with their customers to offer them better deals risk losing more customers to rival suppliers who do so. People who fall behind on their energy bill this winter should contact their supplier who should set up a tailored repayment plan to help them pay off their debts.”

Looking at the numbers and the current scenario of the working families in the UK, it is advisable that they switch their energy suppliers at the earliest. By choosing the best profitable energy deal, they can save a lot of money and conserve energy in the long run.

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