New Samsung Tablet Aims to Beat Ipad 2

October 10th, 2019

The Samsung Tab came in a wide variety of sizes, screen sizes and customisations, but never really touched the sales, design acclaim or features of the Ipad. Now with the upcoming launch of their Galaxy S6, Samsung are aiming to compete with the Ipad 2 with their new Tab S2.

A lot of the criticism and lack of interest in the Tab S was due to its heaviness and thickness. Samsung have looked to combat these concerns with a Tab S2 that designers say will be even thinner than the iPad Air 2, which measures only 6.1mm thick. Recently leaked tips and nuggets of information coming from Samsung are suggesting the new Tab S2 will be metal cased like the most recent Galaxy S ranges and like the new S6 is rumoured to also be.

The battle for thinness has been a difficult one. The thinner these devices are the cleverer the technology needs to be to retain its computing and processing power. The thinness also lends itself to cracks and breaks. Although tablets seem to suffer from this issue far less than mobile devices do (probably due to the frequency of use of mobile devices), it could be a cause for concern for customers that the manufactures are planning thinner and thinner models.

Many customers would rather see increased speed and durability and features rather than lightness. Especially due to the fact that most tablet users tend to leave their tablets at home and take mobile devices when they commute or travel. With many users only using their tablets as a faster (but less powerful and adaptive) laptop alternative at home, thinness and lightness are into necessarily key features.

It will be interesting to find out how Samsung intends to break Apple’s hold on the electronic device market. The hold is strong and doesn’t look likely to falter.


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