All you need to know about car insurance for American cars

December 13th, 2019

We have all seen American films, followed their political developments and listened to US pop stars; therefore it’s no surprise perhaps that American cars are becoming popular with UK drivers.

Models like the Lincoln Continental, Ford Mustang or even the famous pink Cadillac enable us to live out that small slice of the American dream over here in Britain.

Of course, your American car must be insured, just like any other British car – and this is when a dream can easily become a nightmare.

Repair costs

Many popular insurance firms stay clear of imported vehicles as they are concerned of cars which are not made to UK specifications. A large number of expert companies could arrange an American car insurance policy; however there is a greater chance the premiums will be dearer than a standard car for two reasons.

One, the vehicle may potentially have higher performance potential than a British model. Two, the expense of any repairs is probably high.

For instance, an accident in a Ford Mondeo, and any parts which need replacing are easy to find and fast to fit. Although, if you find an issue with a Pontiac Firebird, you may require a shipment from the US to change the part and seek an expert mechanic who knows how to repair this kind of car. The expense of any American car insurance claim will therefore have a greater probability of being higher.

Classic American car insurance

Some American vehicles are believed to be classic – typically older models like a Dodge Charger or a Chevrolet Corvette – and those who own classic American cars could be able to negotiate a marginally better deal on their premiums.

Why? This is since owning a classic car is more likely to make you care and cherish your car, like you would a family member.

You could also be driving it less, hence lowering the chance of an accident. Due to this, classic American car insurance deals regularly tend to far cheaper.

Agree the value

Insurance for American cars is widely equal to UK vehicles insurance; however there could be a minimum age limit of 25.

In addition you should ensure the cover for your imported vehicle will pay out an agreed amount if the car becomes a write off in an accident. If the value is not agreed from the beginning with the insurance firm, you may be left with a dispute over the cars true worth, leaving you, in the scenario of a claim, with an insurance shortfall.

Some owners of American cars lease theirs for special events including weddings. Doing so, you must always check that the insurance policy for your American car covers such business use.

This equally applies if your American vehicle is taken to Europe. Many insurance firms would cover you to ride on the Continent, although you will likely have to pay an additional premium.

Regardless, if you limit your driving to Britain or head overseas, you must take into account breakdown cover. Again, you could be paying extra due to your vehicle being unusual, but gaining access to a recovery service may be greatly useful if you get into any difficulties on the road.

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Cut the cost of American car insurance

There are several ways to reduce the expense of your American car insurance. For instance, avoid modifying your car as this can increase premiums. Also, try to keep it safe in a garage which is locked when not is use to drop the chance vandalism and theft.

You could also be encourage to go for a limited mileage American car insurance policy, particularly if the car is driven infrequently, like only on weekends or in the summer months. If an agreement is made to abide by limited number of miles per year, the insurance firm should provide a smaller premium since there is less opportunity of an accident.

Join the club

Becoming a member of an accredited club for American car owners are regularly offered discounts on their premiums, worth up to 15%. As a club member you also have a great way to swap tips on car maintenance and learn of car events, and find which garages and mechanics that will be able to correctly look after your car.

Compare American car insurance quotes

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