Morocco Travel Guide

November 26th, 2019


Morocco is located in the western part of North Africa and it is known to be an amazing place for holiday makers. It is a beautiful multi-ethnic country with a blend of enthralling cultures, splendid landscapes and gorgeous architecture. Morocco is a place with amazing contrasts and historical legacy and nearly 600,000 British people travel to this mystical destination every year.

Visiting Morocco:

Going around Morocco, you will find long stretched deserts, maze like medinas, rippling sand dunes, camel rides, mint tea bars, the hazy mountains, bustling souqs, dry river beds and much more to please the eye and warm the heart. This rugged yet beautiful country has enchanted poets, writers and artists for centuries and no wonder why people would not be attracted to the relaxed beaches, ancient palaces, exotic gardens and Moroccan architecture, art & history. For travellers, this Arab Muslim country would be unusual yet appealing.

Why should you visit Morocco?

When you want to experience the vastness of the Sahara desert, Morocco is the place to be. You could be up, close and personal with the largest hot desert in the world. The beautiful colour of the sand, camping with the nomadic tribes of the Arab and watching the crystal clear night sky with countless stars makes it a never imagined experience. To take it further, you can feel completely at peace while still surrounded by the mystical silence of the desert. This is something you get only when you travel to Morocco.

Scaling from the sandy desert one can reach out for the thrill of hiking around the Mount Atlas. This mountain stretches across the Morocco accompanied by other ranges which makes hiking and climbing a natural part of the journey. The landscape with rug like patterns would turn mountain climbers into poets. On reaching the base, you will find uneven coastlines, primitive caves and waterfalls that convert into sea green basins. You get a chance to witness such a variety which can be found only in this African country.

The seaming historical Medinas are the next biggest attraction for people who need a reason to visit Morocco. Overwhelming, exotic and bustling, these walled places with mosques, narrow streets, fountains and souqs or markets flooded with shops, craftsmen and sellers would be the best place to buy a memoire from Morocco. A word of caution would be to be alert and careful about pickpockets.

Another biggest charm of this place is the traditional life of the people. Even while adopting modern ways of living, the Moroccans are glued to their environment and culture. You will be amazed by the people wearing traditional robes and turbans checking out their smartphones. It is quite educative and amusing to observe the lifestyle of Morocco’s Berbers, Arabs and Saharawis, who primarily inhabit this place.

What else? You would find several ‘never done before’ activities to keep you occupied and enchanted during the travel. You can visit the Moroccan cafe and enjoy the finest mint tea in the world. Fill up your tummy with savoury camel burgers, buttery chicken couscous, green smoothies and complete Arab food. To grab the chance to sleep in riads and checking out panoramic terraces and for the flavour of Moroccan life, you should visit this desert country.

Apart from the travel geeks, this one is also a place for the history lovers who would get ample opportunities to check out the ruins of the Roman times, UNESCO heritage sites like the archaic city of Meknes, Fez Medina, spectacular Marrakesh Medina, the Portuguese city of Mazagan, archaeological site of Volubilis and many more sites that speak out the history and its faded events.

Must visit places of Morocco:

  • Atlas Mountains
  • Bahia Palace
  • Jemaa el-Fnaa
  • Majorelle Garden
  • Kasbah of the Udayas
  • Hassan II Mosque
  • High Atlas
  • El Badi Palace
  • Chellah
  • Menara Gardens
  • Agdal Gardens
  • Ibn Danan Synagogue
  • La Mamounia
  • Marrakech Museum
  • Souss-Massa National Park

What is the best time to visit Morocco?

November to March is the time of Spring and Autumn and the weather is cooler so, it’s the best time to visit Morocco. Everything would be pricey in these months due to Christmas and New Year holiday time, so, it is better to do advance booking.

April to October is the time of rains in the north and sandstorms in the Sahara. However, all other places are open and welcoming.

May to September is low tourist season and you can expect cheap accommodation and shopping.

More Information:


The summers in Morocco are very warm. Inshore the temperature can be anywhere around 38oC while the littoral options are slightly on the cooler side with an average of 28oC. December is supposedly the coolest month of the year in morocco while January and February varies from 16-19 degree Celsius.


You must have a valid passport with expiry date beyond the six months from the entry. Most of the nationals from diverse countries do not need visa for their stay up to 90 days. However, it is always advisable to visit your consulate and check out the details before travelling in any foreign nation.

A word of caution! Ladies need to well-dressed and should cover their body well, so as to avoid undue attention. The country should be travelled with full clothes and always with a group.


Public transport is good with rail networks that stretch across and connect major towns, coast and Marrakesh. You will find buses and taxis as a convenient mode of transport within the place.

How to reach Morocco from the UK?

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