Misleading Broadband Advertisements to be Modified, Says the Advertising Standards Authority

November 26th, 2019

The regulatory authorities of the government want the UK broadband companies to change their advertisements, which give misleading internet speeds. The Advertising Standards Authority confirms that advertisements that show speeds of ‘up to’ a certain number are actually confusing. Therefore, the authorities would take required action to change this norm in 2017 and would compel internet providers to declare the correct speeds which they offer.

Although, the UK watchdog has not planned anything about executing this operation, it has certainly hinted its plans. Digital Minister Matt Hancock expressed his joy over this decision and agreed to the fact that the current broadband and internet ads were misleading the consumers. This announcement was made after ordering the internet providers to make their monthly charges clearer for the user.

The announcement was received with some apprehensions by the ISP industry. James Blessing, chair of the Internet Services Providers’ Association Council expressed his hesitation by saying that “Any new guidance needs to reflect that whilst speed is an important factor, it is not the only reason a customer decides on a deal. Crucially, the ASA’s research has not identified an effective alternative for the current approach to ‘up to’ speed claims.”

As per the current rules, if at least 10% of its subscribers get the declared speed then it can let know its customers that they can get ‘up to’ that much speed. However, according to a survey done by the ASA, most of the customers had an idea that a higher speed is beneficial, they did not know about the speed they would like to achieve. In fact, they were even not clear about the speed needed to perform their routine online tasks.

A spokesperson from ASA expressed its disbelief in the current declaration and said that “Clearly the current guidance isn’t doing the job, but there’s no silver-bullet solution and that there are pros and cons to all alternatives.”

As of now, the main options suggested are to offer the minimum speed, the average speed and the range of possible speeds. As per the ASA, it would require a consultation before finding a concrete solution in the spring.

Well, this is very good news for the consumers as you will have a clearer idea about your internet speeds and the amount of speed needed for your routine tasks. Also, this method would keep the ISPs under check and they would not take advantage of the lack of knowledge of their customers.

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