Mexico Travel Guide

December 17th, 2019


Geographically, Mexico lies in Central America and borders the USA to the north. The country is very popular with tourists due to its diverse landscapes, breath taking beaches, vast deserts, dense jungles and ancient mountains. Apart from the exotic tourist destinations, it’s the Mexican culture that impresses the travellers. The culture of this place has a fine blend of Spanish elegance, North American behaviour and traditional Mexican gentility. Being an attractive destination for beaches and historical sites, the country pulls more than 400,000 British travellers on an annual basis.

Visiting Mexico

Visiting Mexico is about touring around a country that has imprints of one of the world’s greatest civilizations and is now a fine blend of Spanish traditions and vibrant urban life. The country mesmerises the travellers with its rare combination of Mesoamerican cultures along with the raw charm of some indigenous tribes.

The landscapes of this wonderful nation are nothing but a visage of diversity. The palm laden beaches, snow-laded volcanoes, close-knit jungles, quintessential deserts, simplistic villages and shimmering blue coastline makes the Mexican country a truly wonderful place to spend the holidays. Besides being a visual spectacle, the place offers plenty of chances for adventure lovers. A mix of all these makes Mexico one of the most popular travel destinations and if you have not visited it yet, then it’s worth adding to your bucket list.

Why should you visit Mexico?

Well, for the fantastic historical beauty of this country. If you love travelling to visually stunning places then Mexico will not leave you disappointed. The ancient temples and ruins of Mayan civilization show you the reflection of the history of this country. You will be amazed by the archaeological monuments, stone churches, modern museums, galleries and the awe-inspiring Aztec pyramids. This place certainly has a lot in store for the history lovers.

Mexico is a wonderful destination for the lovers of beaches. The Mexican beaches are stretched across 10,000 km of coastline and the clear waters and sandy coasts are perfect for sun bathing, scuba diving, surfing, sea kayaking, snorkelling and many other thrilling water sports. You will also be startled by the marine life and coral reefs as Mexico offers some of the best diving spots in the world. If you are a water baby then this country would turn out to be your amor de la vida (Love of Life!)

Another attractive thing to check out is the outdoor life of Mexico. The country has a lively feel to it. As a traveller you can enjoy crazy parties in the sun, dance in some of the best nightclubs, wander around the colonial streets, and try the thrill of zip-lining, caving and trekking. When you want to have a memorable night out, just go to Jalisco and drink the world famous Tequila and Mariachis. Combine these two with relishing tortas ahogadas and you’ve got yourself an amazing start to a night out.

A point to note, if you visit Mexico around the end of October do not forget to witness the Day of the Dead. Mexico honours its dead by remembering them on November 2nd. On this day, the country celebrates by partying so as to never forget the ones who are gone. You will get an idea about the authentic Mexican culture on the day of the Dead. Chances are that you will never forget the sights and sounds of this day.

What’s more? Hiking and biking around the volcanoes would be great fun. Mexico has 30 active volcanoes and as most of them are within the boundaries of national parks, you will easily find a hiking trail. Popocatepetl is considered as a must watch volcano but as its active, you may not be allowed to climb it. Never mind, you can always hike around Paricutin and Orizaba which are both amazing in their own right.

If it’s the wildlife that enthrals you then the next best thing to do here is trek around Sian Ka’an Biosphere. This place would give you a chance to check out the exquisite jungle wildlife inhabited within the untouched and lush green rainforest. You will see turtles, grey whales, jaguar, pronghorn, desert sheep and a wide range of migratory birds. Being a popular UNESCO heritage site, this place with Mayan ruins can be enjoyed by trekking with friends and family.

On visiting this country, you get the best of spicy food which is a fusion of Mesoamerican, European and Spanish flavours. You will find mouth watering veg and non-veg food made with basic staples like corn, chilli peppers and native ingredients. Although, vegetables form the basis of Mexican cuisine, it’s the European influence that gave it some delicious non-veg dishes.

What else? Mexico is an experience you will enjoy. You need to visit it to create your own travel journal and find things for yourself. Coming to this divine and dynamic country could give you some never heard of times and memories.

Must visit places of Mexico:

  • Chapultepec Park

  • Chichen Itza

  • Tulum

  • Coba

  • Xel-Ha Park

  • National Museum of Anthropology

  • Xcaret

  • Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

  • Great pyramid of Aztecs

  • Rio Secreto

  • Historic centre of Mexico City

  • Pyramid of the Sun

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe

  • Alameda Central

  • Isla Contoy

  • Angel of Independence

  • Muyil

  • Sayulita

  • Ik Kil lake

  • And much more…

What is the best time to visit Mexico?

December to April is the best time to visit Mexico as it is dry season and there is a good climatic condition. Remember, Christmas and New Year time would be flooded with tourists and you can expect everything to be pricey.

July – August is considered as moderate tourist season as its vacation time for the people of Mexico. It would be very wet on the Pacific coast but dry otherwise. You may find accommodation at high rates at some places.

May-June is the summer time with hot temperatures. September is considered the time of hurricane so tourists need to really careful to plan a visit during these months.

More Information:


Mexico has a simple climate system that is divided into two – the wet and the dry season. The dry season stretches from November to April while the wet starts in May and ends in October. The hurricane season hits the Caribbean seaside of Mexico around mid August to early October.


You need a valid passport and a tourist permit to enter Mexico.

Non US citizens should check out the complex US visa procedure even if you transit through the US.


The place has an excellent network for transportation including roadways, railways, seaports and air travel. For commutation within the country, buses and taxis are preferred the most.

How to reach Mexico from the UK?

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