Mauritius Travel Guide

November 26th, 2019

For history buffs – visit Balaclava where you’ll see the ruins of the Balaclava estate and sea walls.

Nature lovers should visit Black River Gorges National park, home to rare birds and other endemic animals and plants.

To get some of the best views of Mauritius,head to the Souillaccliff top, where you’ll have almost uninterrupted view of this beach island paradise

Mauritius is a real melting pot of British, French, African, Arab, Indian and Chinese ancestry. This mix/fusion of cultures and tradition is manifested in its food and language. Try the many eateries dotted around the island and you’ll have dishes unique to the island but with clear influences from one of its root cultures. The language of Creole is a fusion of French, English, African, and Asian words.

Weather in Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys plenty of sun throughout the year even in winter the weather is still warm. The months of January and February are best avoided as they are the hottest months of the year and coincide with the highest possibility of cyclones occurring.

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