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May 5th, 2020
Free Line Rental Deals

Line rental deals have received good popularity in many countries and are being utilized by millions of users. They have almost become a vital or an integral part of a phone deal offered by network providers. One of the reasons behind the popularity of line rental deals is the fact that they are tagged with discounts, incentives, free gifts and free cell phones. These line rental deals along with their incentives have proven to be very effective for attracting customers. For example the most famous line rental deals that are being offered from the comparison tool typically range from 12 months free line rental to 22 months free line rental.

With a 12-month free line rental deal you won’t have to pay the fixed line rental during the year. Assuming the contract length of 24 months would mean that line rental payable after the initial free period. These deals usually have an allowance of calls, text and data and the free line rental is typically on redemption of cashback. The cashback is usually applied based on the terms of the contract, with some offering automatic cashback.

When you sign up for a free line rental deal, you will receive all the features you would of a normal line rental deal such as the eligible handset with the sim card. This type of contract can be a great budget deal, especially for those looking to find an entry-level mobile phone with a fair number of minutes, text and data with up to 22 months off.

These free line rental deals are currently being provided by all major network providers like O2, Virgin, Orange, Vodafone, EE, 3 mobile and T mobile. As well as free line rental deals, many networks also provide other incentives such as such as mobile insurance, LCD televisions, laptops and gaming consoles.

Ways to save on line rentals in the UK:

Switch to a better supplier: A phone and broadband supplier that offers tailor made plans for you should be the first choice. Compare between the various service providers and choose the one that offers the cheapest plan while still sufficing your requirements. Just COMPARE DEALs and save!

Choose a provider: Out the lot of broadband and home phone package providers, you can choose the one that gives you a better plan and some good savings. TalkTalk, O2, Virgin Media, AOL, Sky and Orange are some of the popular names. Also, as most service providers use BT lines, they pay rental to BT. There is a catch here, some of the ISPs may require the customer to pay some line rental to BT. This would add up to your monthly line rental. So, be sure to choose a provider that wants no extra payments from you.

Check out the free calling plans: ISPs offer various plans to facilitate their customers. These plans are the best way to do some good cost cutting. It would slash your monthly rental to a bare minimum. Some of the popular plans include unlimited anytime calling plan, unlimited evening and weekend plan, unlimited weekend calling plan, unlimited evening and weekend calling plan. Check with your ISP, which plans it provides and go for the one that gives you max benefits.

Moreover, your landline may prove costly, especially when every member of your family has individual mobile phones. In this case, you can switch to a plan that has minimum line rentals and fewer free calls. At, we do all kinds of comparison for you. Our experts can suggest an optimal plan to cut down your line rentals. For more details, contact us on 0203 4757 476 or fill our contact form and we will get back to you.

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