Know Your Energy Supplier: Utility Warehouse

December 10th, 2019

Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is a London based energy company, which is popular as a multi-utility supplier specialising in offering domestic energy, home line rentals, mobile and broadband services. The gas and electricity supplier offers its customers an easy option of savings by giving a single utility bill for all these four services. Its parent company is called Telecom Plus and was formed in 1996. Over the times, the company has acquired a brand name called The Utility Plus.

However, the actual formation of Utility Warehouse took place in November 2013 when it purchased Electricity Plus and Gas Plus, the subsidiary companies of npower. By rule, npower shifted 770,000 of its customer accounts to the newly formed company Utility Warehouse. This way, it became one of the biggest energy suppliers after the Big Six energy companies in the UK.

The Utility Warehouse and the Price Promise:

The gas and electricity suppliers assures that if a customer buys all its four services then it guarantees big savings. If the customer cannot make savings then according to the promise the company would refund the amount which is double of the difference.

Another highlight of the company is its Energy Price Guarantee, according to which its dual-fuel energy prices would be in competition with the Bix Six energy suppliers. The company has many benefits which includes its refer-a-friend scheme which can earn you some incentive apart from the cheap energy deals. It also follows no-minimum contracts deal.

For more details about The Utility Warehouse, its tariffs and energy price comparison with other energy suppliers, do visit our website or call us on 0203 4757 476. You may also like: Utility Warehouse Cancellation Fees

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