Know Your Energy Supplier: SSE Southern Electric

December 11th, 2019

SSE Southern Electric:

SSE is a subsidiary company of the Big Six giant SSE. It supplies gas and electricity across the United Kingdom. SSE is also one of the largest manufacturers of renewable sources of energy in the UK. It stands high in rankings of customer satisfaction levels. The parent company also grabbed sixth position in an independent survey for the best energy suppliers of UK in 2015. The company follows the rules and changes declared by its parent company that is the SSE group.

SSE and the electricity price rise scenario:

The company declared a 4% price cut down in January 2015. This decision was implemented from 30 April 2015. As it was announced by SSE, the price change was applied by all its subsidiary companies including SSE Southern Electric.

It was in the month of November 2013 that the company last raised its prices. After that it has considerably reduced its prices, much to the benefit of its customers.

To be in accordance with the government’s cuts to green levies, the company reduced its prices by 4% and so, overall price rise in the year 2013 was 4.2%.

In October 2012, the company raised its prices by 9%. In September 2011, the company increased its gas prices by 18% and electricity prices by 11%.

On 1st December 2010, the company managed a price rise of 9.4% in its gas prices. In the month of March of the same year, the company reduced its gas prices for different tariffs. It applied a 4% reduction on dual fuel customers, 7% reduction for single fuel and 9% reduction for pre-payment.

In March 2009, the company reduced its gas prices by 4% and slashed 9% on electricity prices.

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