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Know Your Energy Supplier: Spark Energy

November 22nd, 2019

Spark Energy:

Launched in 2007, Spark Energy is an independent energy supplier established by PJ Darling. Headquartered at Selkirk Scotland, the company also specializes in the letting market and is located in Edinburgh since 2008. They have achieved a customer base of more than 300,000 people and are often considers as competitive challengers to the Big Six companies. They supply natural gas and electricity across the UK. As part of their customer care service, they offer online account management that saves time. They also provide free call-back service for solving client queries and live online chat for instant support.

Fuel mix used by Spark Energy:

  • Coal – 33%

  • Gas – 39%

  • Nuclear – 23%

  • Renewable Energy – 5%

Why Spark Energy?

  • Preferred supplier for people with rental properties.

  • Offers excellent online services

  • Charges no exit fees

For more information on Spark Energy tariffs, quotes and other details, check our website Freepricecompare.com or you can call us on 02034757476 for one to one consultation.

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