Know Your Energy Supplier: Oink Energy

December 11th, 2019

Oink Energy:

Oink Energy entered the energy market in September 2014 and is quite a new supplier of gas and electricity in the UK. The independent supplier promised a simple energy deal to customers and offered easy to understand bills. It claims to be a customer centric company and follows certain guidelines to give best services to its customers.

Oink Energy offers the following guarantees:

Whenever the customer makes a call, there won’t be machines answering the calls. The company guarantees a human call support that would be initiated within 30 seconds of the call. It also promises that there would not be any kind of round talks and people will get complete guidance with ‘straight talking’.

The company does not charge any exit fees and the customers are free to switch whenever they want to. It also does not have any lengthy contracts that bind the customer.

By an independent survey, an average Oink customer pays £1,178 annually which is at par with the Big Six companies and so, Oink may not be the best energy saving deal provider. Nonetheless, you should check for yourself before making a switch to this company.

For more details about the company, its tariffs and comparison with other energy suppliers, do check our website or you can call us on 02034757476.

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