Know Your Energy Supplier: LoCO2 Energy

November 22nd, 2019

LoCO2 Energy:

Launched in July 2009, LoCO2 supplies renewable energy to British customers for domestic and commercial usage. As the name suggests, the company provides energy that has a low carbon print. It is a family-run business that focuses on supporting conservation of environment by choosing renewable sources of energy generation. The company claims supply of 100% renewable electricity and 10% biomethane gas. LoCO2 Energy have joined Rickmansworth based Solarplicity.

Energy generation sources of LoCO2:

    • Solar – 9%

    • Hydro – 27%

    • Wind – 26%

    • Agricultural Decompose – 38%

LoCO2 Energy corporate info:

The company has a sister company called TLS Hydro which has ten hydropower stations across the UK. The energy generated at these stations is supplied to customers through the national grid.

LoCO2 and customer satisfaction status:

The company is excellent for all those green minded customers. It invests in renewable energy industry and offers 100% renewable electricity. It also has a dedicated team of advisors which solve client queries on call. So, there is no laid back attitude.

Why LoCO2 Energy?

    • Simple! Its saves the environment

    • Offers affordable tariffs

    • Excellent customer services

    • Direct communication with the owners of the business

    • 100% renewable electricity provider

    • 10% biomethane provider

For more details on LoCO2 Tariff and its comparison with other green electricity providers, check our website or call us on 02034757476. You may also like: LoCO2 Energy Cancellation Fees

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