Know Your Energy Supplier: Bristol Energy

December 11th, 2019

Bristol Energy Details:

One of the newly formed companies, Bristol Energy supplies gas and electricity to the domestic sector of the British energy market. It has been the latest entrant with 2016 being its formation year. It is touted as the company that gives extra relevance to the social side of the society. It is formed by the city council of Bristol, which are the actual shareholders of the company. For this reason, the social benefits of it are focused on Bristol only. However, the tariffs are charged across the United Kingdom.

The company and its social cause:

As the company focusses on social awareness, it aims at supporting renewable energy generation by reinvesting the money made by selling energy to its customers. Also, it wants to eradicate the issue of fuel poverty. The company claims that this intention will work in favour of the communities living in Bristol.

In its small way, the company wants to offer efficient power to the city by generating gas and electricity through low carbon emission. This way, it supports a greener place that is high on gas and electricity supply.

Bristol Energy and Customer satisfaction levels:

As it is a new entrant in the field of gas and electricity supply, it cannot be judged so easily. Over some time, the market can be checked for its customer satisfaction levels.

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