Know Your Energy Supplier: Brighter World Energy

November 22nd, 2019

Newly formed gas and electricity company, Brighter World Energy started operation in 2016 with a noble intention. The first ever buy-to-give energy company has a policy to install solar micro-grid in a village in Africa on every 2000 customers who make a switch to them. Therefore, it offers energy at competitive prices so that energy can be made accessible to people living in poorer nations. The company has formed partnership with Robin Hood Energy.

The company has one fixed tariff and one variable tariff which promise to offer the best possible price. It claims to offer costs which are much lesser than those of the Big Six energy variable costs and so saves you a big amount of money. The company informs about their cheapest tariffs so that you don’t end up buying energy from them at a higher tariff.

Bright World Energy Tariff Features:

  • Offers fixed energy prices for 12 months.
  • Paper billing method.
  • Payment methods – Monthly Direct Debit, Quarterly Direct Debit or Pay on Receipt of Bill.
  • Available to customers with both single-rate and  economy 7 meters.
  • No exit fees.
  • Offers £22.50 per fuel discounts to customers who choose to manage their account online.
  • Does not offer the Warm Home Discount.

With a simple switch process, the company offers ease of switching with no wastage of time for its customers spread across the UK. So far they claims to save £160m of the amount spent on the Big Six tariffs and they offer 250K of power to the people living in Africa.

For any other details, you can contact the team of Bright World Energy anytime between 8 am and 8pm, Monday to Friday or 9am to 5pm on Saturday by calling on 0800 028 2332.

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Brighter World Energy Tariff Cancellation Fees

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