Know Your Energy Supplier: Better Energy

December 11th, 2019

Better Energy

Better Energy is a newly formed gas supplier that is headquartered in Nottingham, UK. It started with supplying gas in the domestic sector of the East Midlands and has expanded its reach to the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. Now it supplies gas to homes as well as businesses across Great Britain. It sports a tagline of “Same energy, better price” and thus aims to offer the cheapest prices on its gas supplies.

Why choose Better Energy?

Small suppliers of gas and electricity are proving much better than the leading energy giants. These companies live up to their mark of supplying better energy at smaller prices. By offering affordable tariffs the company proves to be quite an economical option.

The services of the company are simple and transparent towards its tariffs. It charges a single unit rate to reduce any confusion that the customers may have.

It keeps low overheads and reviews its prices every year and thus makes way for an easy and affordable service. It proves very light on the customer’s pocket.

It does not charge any cancellation fees even if the customer wants to switch to another provider. It holds back price changes until the customer switches to another supplier.

Better Energy and customer satisfaction level:

The company is still a newbie in the energy market and needs considerable amount of time to establish itself. Once it gets into the mainstream then one can check it on the grounds of customer satisfaction levels.

For more details about the Better Energy tariffs and quotes, energy schemes, check our website or call us on 02034757476. you may also like: Better Energy Cancellation Fees

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