Know More About Home Insurance And How It Helps During The Storms

December 11th, 2019

Storms and snow are a part and parcel of life in the United Kingdom. Every year we face some kind of natural calamity and storms are the most frequent occurrence. However, many home owners are unaware of using their home insurance policy for getting the maximum payouts for storm hit homes. Recently, the UK was hit by the storm Doris and many homes have been flooded with icy waters.

This would not just cost you huge heating bills as an aftermath but, also cost thousands of pounds for repairing the damage caused to the building and its contents. Experts suggest that the normal cost of storm damage would be around £905 and at least one in ten Britons would make a claim due to the vast damage Doris has made in some areas of the UK. The damage could be anything starting from the outer wall damage to bursting water pipes.

However, the major reason behind suffering huge economic losses is the ignorance of people who are not aware about the steps to follow when their homes are damaged by storms or other natural calamities. Another big issue is that some of them underestimate the cost of repair and get shocked when they come to know the actual price.

Therefore, you need to take help of your insurance provider or get a surveyor to check the damages and suggest the estimated cost of repair. Also, read the small print of the insurance policy so that you know the extent of the cover.

You should know if the policy covers all areas of the building including the roof, attic, garage and outer buildings if any. Some of the insurers offer a separate policy for these areas and so, it would not be included in the main policy. If your policy does not include these portions of the building then any damage caused would not be paid out by the insurance provider. So, once you are done with the home cleaning after the storm, do contact your insurance provider and inform that you want to make a claim.

Once that is done, make sure that you get a proper evaluation of the damage and the cost of repairs. Inform the insurer about it and maintain all details of the communication done regarding the matter. You can easily get a good payout if you have the full know-how of the process of making a claim and getting a payout. Home insurance plays a vital role and everyone must have it to ensure that financial losses are compensated at the dotted hour.

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