Iran Travel Guide

November 26th, 2019

Iran may not come to everyone’s mind as a place to travel because of its relations with the West. But Iran does welcome tourists with open arms. It’s the birth place of ancient civilizations, which date back 6000-8000 years. The Iranian Government has preserved and maintained important historical monuments and ruins that are of significant importance – so it’s definitely a place for the history buffs.

Visiting Iran

For so long it has been disregarded as a holiday destination – but those interested in culture, history and architecture should definitely put it as a list of places to go.

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The capital of Iran is Tehran, which up until the 18th century was a small rural village. Even though it’s a 220 year old city, it’s the 32nd capital of Iran. It was declared the capital by the Qajar dynasty.

Culture vultures will need to visit the multitude of museums that are dotted around the country to get a better understanding of Iran’s great past. Iran’s food is distinct from the rest of the Middle East and there are plenty of places where it’s in plentiful evidence.

The main tourist spots in Tehran include the Milad tower, theAzadi Tower, and The Gulistan Palace, which is also known as the Rose palace. It has some truly beautiful gardens to explore.

Tehran has a bustling social daytime with parks restaurants and tea houses but at night the city quietens down.


Iran is a large country with climates ranging from Arid or Semiarid to subtropical along the Caspian coast and northern forests. At the northern edge of the country the winters do not fall below zero and summers rarely exceed 29oC.

The central and eastern basins are arid, with hot summers and landscaped desert.

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