iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

October 23rd, 2019

Do you remember last year when there was this big buzz about the release of a phone? Well, guess what? Its back again this year as the makers of the world’s most desired phone release the iPhone 6s and its bigger brother, the iPhone 6s plus. Last year Apple sold record numbers of iPhones which subsequently helped them post their highest ever profit figures.

Previously the criticism with the S iteration of the iPhones was that they weren’t all that different from the previous model. Many would just wait for the next full generational release.

So what do we get with the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus?

3D Touch

Apple has created 3D Touch which senses the pressure applied to the screen and consequently allows you to preview things a lot easier and quicker.

With the 3D Touch we are able to preview emails with one touch and if we press slightly harder we go into that full email.

If there is an URL with one faint touch we can see the content of that web page and with slightly more pressure we are relocated to the actual webpage.

Postal addresses or postcodes can now be viewed on a map with one faint touch but should we need the full map app, we just apply further pressure.


The camera has been upgraded to 12 megapixel (mp) which captures more detailed and sharper pictures than ever before. It’s now packed with the ability to shoot 4K quality videos too. Front facing camera has too been upgraded to 5 mp. The phone now takes what Apple calls Live Photos which really is a short video clip of a picture (the moments before and after the picture)

The Chip

The phones come with the new generation 64-bit A9 chip. This allows it to deliver laptop performance on a phone. So the CPU is 70% faster, and the GPU is up to 90% faster which should be great for graphic intensive games and apps.


The redesign is not so much the look, but the material used. The metal cover is made with an aerospace alloy and the cover glass is the most strongest and durable of any phone in the market. This year we also see the introduction of the rose gold finish adding to the other two metallic finishes (silver and gold).


Faster security access through pressure sensitive fingerprint technology makes the unlocking of the phone easy and lets you pay for things with the press of a finger without the need for a pin.

Faster internet

The phones feature LTE Advanced which could give speeds that are double the rate of previous iPhones. It also supports more 4G bands than ever before.

Operating system

The phones have the latest iPhone iOS9 as the operating system which should work seamlessly with the latest apps.

Our verdict
This phone is definitely an improvement on the past, and should you be due for an upgrade on your old iPhone, this definitely is worth a consideration.   For the best deals on mobile phones visit https://freepricecompare.com/mobile/.

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