Invalidation Of Travel Insurance – Find The Most Common Reasons!

November 25th, 2019

Many of us choose single trip or annual travel insurance to make sure our holidays are hassle free and we can at least recover the losses if anything goes against our planning. However, a big number of travel policy holders are not aware of the fact that their travel insurance policy does not cover many portions of the trip as that needs to be covered as an add-on or needs separate cover in some cases.

Popular travel insurance providers discard certain parts of the travel if they fall under the exclusions mentioned in the small print of the policy. Therefore, it becomes of the utmost important for the policyholder to read the small print and verify that their trip is covered fully so to avoid getting shocked when faced with a situation that needs shelling out hundreds of pounds. In addition, one should never consider that one policy is the same as another until they read the clauses of each.

In one of the researches conducted by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba), it was discovered that the travel cover has several variations. The clauses vary with the insurance provider and the activities of the trip. This makes it significant to buy the insurance based on its coverage and not just price.

Graeme Trudgill, Biba’s executive director, said: “There is a massive variation of policy cover and wording through the many competitive travel insurance policies. Cover will be available for your needs, but don’t just focus on price alone, make sure that you have the right levels of protection and if you are in doubt, speak to a broker or call the provider to check.”

Some of the common situations in which the insurance providers would disagree to pay out should be known to all of us. This warns us to against making the mistake of not reading the small print, which is the best way to avoid losing money. Everyone who travels often or once in a while should have a fair idea of these conditions.

Find here, ten top situations in which travel insurance providers refuses to pay out:

Treks and heights: Insurers have different standards of covering heights above the sea level. Some of them keep it as 4,000m while others limit it to 1,000m without a guide in their standard policy. Anything above the mentioned standard would require you to pay higher premiums. In addition, if you go beyond their standard without prior notice then you have an absolute chance of losing the pay out, in case something goes wrong. So, make sure to check the small print of your travel policy and check the standard mentioned for treks and heights.

Drinking limits: While most of the insurers put alcohol under the exclusions, some of them do allow it within limits. However, the definition of limit may vary with the insurance provider and you may lose the pay-out in case you go overboard and meet with an accident in a drunken state. While some would refuse a pay-out when you have crossed their specified limit of blood/alcohol reading level, others would want you to give proofs like photos and CCTV footage suggesting that the debacle did not occur due to the consumption of alcohol. Therefore, read the clauses that suggest provisions for alcohol and drinking allowed on the trip.

Missed departure: You may lose out on hundreds of pounds if you are unclear about the departure rules of your policy. While all insurers offer a pay-out on missed departure, there are certain conditions attached with this clause. So, make sure that you read the small print to check if the clause is covered for both inbound and outbound journeys. It would also mention the reasons which are covered in the policy.

Horse riding: There are good chances of getting hurt while riding a horse, unless you are trained for it. This results in lots of accidents and therefore, insurance providers resist making pay-outs if your trip activity involves anything related to horse riding. While many offer it in their standard cover, some only cover it in their premium policy with the condition that the rider wears the helmet and performs the activity under supervision. So, make sure that you meet all the conditions stated by your insurer.

Scuba diving: There is nothing like exploring the sea and enjoying the marine life, but the insurers keep it limited to a certain meters. Some also add the condition that their customer should be with a qualified instructor and some restrict their customers to not fly until 24 hours after their diving adventure. If you are planning a scuba diving trip then it is a must to check your policy before taking a dip.

EHIC: If you have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which allows you to get medical care in EU countries at the local cost, then many of the insurers would waive their excess. Check the clauses related to medical emergencies and the use of EHIC.

Flight delay: You can actually walk out of the airport if your flight is delayed for more than a couple of hours and you would get the pay-out for delayed flights. However, it is limited by a certain number as mentioned in your policy like some would allow a delay of 12 hours and few would make you wait for 24 hours. The rules about delay should be clear to you so that you get the money back.

The valuables: Insurers have a set limit for valuables which can be anything from just £50 up to a maximum of around £500. However, it varies with the insurer and therefore, you should be absolutely clear about the value of your valuables. In case, there is a loss of any of the expensive things then you can claim and recover the losses.

The above points should be cross checked when buying a travel insurance policy so that you don’t end up paying extra money from your pocket in any adverse or unexpected situations. You must get things clear from your insurer so that the trip becomes enjoyable by all means.

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