Invalidation of Home Insurance – Most Common Reasons

December 11th, 2019

Invalidation of Home Insurance – Beware of the reasons

One of the biggest blows that came for home insurance policy holders is that now they can’t even share their travel memories on social media. Yes! As per the latest rule in the realm of home insurance is that you cannot share your travel details on social media – be it your selfies or other photographs. Although this sounds weird in our social media addicted society, UK insurance providers have another take on it.

According to them, the details shared on social media makes the policyholder’s house vulnerable to burglary and thefts and so, if anyone does this kind of an act then they will not be given their insurance pay off in the event of burglary or theft. Until now the rule was that if you are away from home for more than 30 consecutive days then you will not be paid for any losses due to theft or burglary. However, the time period varied from insurer to insurer. But now, social media sharing of your trip may leave you without any pay off from home insurance providers.

Common reasons for invalidation of home insurance:

There are several other reasons that call for a negative response from your home insurance provider. Find them all here and make sure you consider them while dealing with the security and safety of your home.

Accidental damage: If your house building or contents face accidental damage due to a casual approach of yours then your insurer may refuse paying off the damages. This includes DIYS, Vermins, home improvement casualties, Fire and flood etc.

Careless DIYs: Your home improvement approach is a DIY and if you damage your building or content in this experiment then the insurer may refuse to reimburse you for the damages. Drilling through water pipe, electric wire or chimneys may not be considered an intelligent action. So, it’s better to call a professional for this and save yourself from unwanted damage which may not get compensated by the insurance provider.

Vermin attacks: Some of the insurers do not provide for damages caused by rats, mice or other vermin. If your home is susceptible to the attack of vermin then you need to be cautious and take action to remove them. Damage caused by them to the furniture, wires and other contents would not be compensated. Better to lay traps at the sight of mice and get your house pest controlled frequently to save your home from any damage.

Security blunders:Losing your keys or keeping them under the carpet or window are not considered intelligent actions. They make the house open to attacks from burglars. In case of loss of keys, you need to change the lock immediately. You should not hand over your keys to someone. If you do not follow these simple rules and go through loss of money or contents due to robbery then the UK home insurer would show you the cold shoulder. Installing a fire alarm and keeping it in good condition is also a part of your home safety measures. So, make sure you adhered to it else your policy may get invalidated.

If not handled well, you may suffer from damage to property and content which may not get compensated as it shows a lack of awareness. Forgetting to lock the doors and windows will also make you lose interest from the side of the insurer. Keep things under lock, be it a lawnmower, barbeque or gardening tools. Make sure your house is equipped with a good quality locking system.

Home business: If you work from home or declare your house as a place for business then also, your insurer considers it at an increased risk of theft. The more number of people moving in and out of your home makes it susceptible to theft. So, check with your insurer about this when you buy a policy for home insurance.

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, security concerns need to be addressed before you buy a policy. Also, you should check your policy before leaving the home unattended for a long period of time. If your policy does not permit you to leave home for a certain period of time then make arrangements such that the home gets visited by a reliable relative or friend. Overall, the security of your home is in your hand. Make it safe and sound so that you can make genuine claims which cannot be refused by your insurer. Be a responsible person so that there are no chances of rejection of home insurance pay offs. All the best!

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