Improving Your Health Allows You Live Longer And It Reduces Your Life Insurance Premium

December 13th, 2019

Life insurance is seen as one of the most important financial products that many buy as it secures your families future should the unfortunate occur. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the level of cover you require without taking steps to reduce your monthly premiums.

By being healthier, you effectively reduce the chance of you passing away and hence the premium on life insurance as well as income protection plans should decrease to reflect the reduced risk. Moreover, you will most likely also save money as you are no longer spending money on the bad habits i.e. cigarettes.

“Making a change to your lifestyle can have a massive impact on your life insurance and income protection premiums as the medical risk for the insurer has reduced. By, for example, putting a stop to your smoking habits, most insurers would consider you to be a non-smoker after 12 clean months and hence cheaper premiums are likely” said Free Price Compares’ Director Shailesh Ramani.

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