The importance of renewable energy

October 10th, 2019

In the last few years, there has been a huge focus on the world of renewable energy. As conventional fossil fuel sources begin to dry, the world’s energy is likely to be provided by the sun, wind and rivers or seas in a natural, renewable manner.

For a long time, the green energy movement has been based almost solely on research with trial and error. But now with tried and tested methods of producing clean energy, the focus has shifted.

Previously, clean energy was expensive in comparison with fossil fuel production, but with improved technology, the use of green energy is becoming cost comparative with fossil fuels. Solar electricity, for example, has a high start cost (purchasing photo-voltaic cells). However, once installed, there are very few costs except maintenance and the panels produce energy constantly, at no cost.

Wind capture technology is slightly behind solar technology, as there have been issues with land permissions and public opinion. However, this is a quickly developing area of green energy, and several large wind farms are being erected offshore to capture the high winds coming across the Atlantic.

The real benefit of green energy is that it will never run out. Whilst there are teething problems with the capture system and some human difficulties to overcome, once it is up and running, it will be far cheaper.

Another key factor is the ease of extraction and security issues. Oil and gas present real security problems, as much of the oil is found in conflict zones, and conflict zones spring out of oil rich areas often. Oil companies have to spend a huge sum every year on securing and maintaining the security of their oil fields. If we use wind and solar farms rather than fossil fuels, we are able to locate them in Europe, safely within protected and peaceful areas.

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