Hype Surrounding New Samsung Phone Increases

November 22nd, 2019

With the March release date quickly approaching, much of the rumour and speculation surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting louder and louder. Most of the noise being made ahead of the launch is centred on the functionality upgrades that Samsung seem to have been hinting at.

The advertising strap line is now “Stop less, discover more” which many mobile experts have said is a hint at longer battery life and possibly the emergence of wireless charging capabilities. Many comparisons of modern smart phones and older ‘brick’ type mobiles give a lot of weight to the previously week long battery life that the old Nokia phones had. Compared to that, most modern smartphones will not last a full day if they are being used to a high level. And so, an improved battery life would silence many critics and put modern mobile devices on the track to completely wiping out their older but longer lasting antecedents.

Another key feature that recent advertising and Samsung hinting has brought up is the possible inclusion of wireless charging. This would mean a charging plate which is attached to a main power source, then the phone is placed on this plate and the battery is charged through the case. This would mean no more having to carry charging accessories with you or having to plug in and unplug the charging wires. It also may mean a new longevity in charging accessories.

One complaint over the newer generation of smart phones is that the charging technology and cover/protective screens keep becoming outdated. With the move to micro-sims and the smaller Apple charging wires, lots of new equipment is needed to keep up the shifting shape and design of each new model. The move to wireless charging bases could potentially mean a more universal and adaptive charging platform that may work across many different (and future) devices.


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